Habitat for Humanity Middle Class Follies: None Too Impressive?

Housing For Humanity: a world-beating affordable housing charity now approaching middle age, which is no longer able capable of keeping up with the changing times? We certainly hope not. But...

Portland Prepares For Care And Breeding Of Affordable Grannie Flats

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), grannie flats, garden suites, call them what you will, can be highly affordable. Better still, in a crowded urban landscape they have a residential footprint...

Sweat Equity: What is it? Who Uses it? What Does It Offer To Affordable Housing?

Sweat equity undoubtedly pre-dates currency. When there isn't any cash, you can pay with goods. When you have no goods to pay, you can pay with the sweat of...

Ply Gem Attacks The Affordable Housing Crisis One Door And Window At A Time

Ply Gem? A small town in Wales, we guessed when we first saw the name. Nope. It's a manufacturer and supplier of exterior housing materials based in Wake, North Carolina....

‘Real’ Affordable Housing: Are NGOs, Charities And Non-Profits Our Only Hope?

There once was, and still is, a universal standard of housing affordability that is recognized world-wide. If you yourself (no, not your average community member, just you) can rent...

Good Will Renting

With so many people hanging on for dear life to necessities such as food, health care and housing, its easy to suppose that everyone does it with the same...

3.5 Million People With A Brighter Housing Future, Thanks To Habitat For Humanity

With its fundraising skills and huge volunteer pool, Habitat for Humanity has become a powerhouse charity in the construction of affordable housing. Habitat for Humanity published its Annual Report...

Is Good Will A Rarity Or A Reliable Affordable Housing Resource?

It is no rarity. Australia has proven that landlord 'good will' not only exists, it can be a meaningful resource to provide affordable rental housing for those most in...
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