Tenancy In Common: Why is It Affordable, And Some Might Say, Detestable?

Tenancy In Common? Well, first we need to make liars out of ourselves by admitting that it's not really affordable, at least not so far as affordablehousingaction.org is concerned....

Choking On The Cake Of Home Ownership

The underlying myth of home ownership in a capitalist economy is that you can have your cake and eat it. Having the cake means fulfilling a fundamental need: shelter....

The Affordable Housing Dilemma: The Irresistible Force IS The Immovable Object

How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Modern free-market capitalist-based society fervently wishes the answer to be two: the angel of affordable housing, and the...

Master Leasing Seeks To Provide Social Housing Affordability At Market Rate Returns for Landlords

The Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce in North Carolina is not impressed with the lengthy time it takes to deliver a mere trickle of affordable housing for purchase. And...

Tens of Thousands Stew In Sydney Affordable Housing Queue While Governments Squabble by Tens

In 2014, when the Australian government sold 293 properties of public housing in Sydney’s harbour area, it promised to build 1,500 new affordable housing units. At the time, there...

Problem: Unaffordable Big Cities. Solution? New Big Cities

As long as speculation and investment are allowed to drive up housing prices in major cities everywhere, those in search of affordable housing may have only one sensible solution:...
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