Oopsy: Outdated U.S. Law Funnels Loans For Poor To Help Gentrify Houses Instead

In order to discourage the banking practice of redliningTry: Redlining: What Was It? And We Should Be Asking ‘What Is It?’ Because It’s Still With Us, And It’s Bad,...

Loan Industry Spurs U.S. Toward Another Mortgage Meltdown

Will there be another mortgage meltdown, triggering a housing meltdown at the heart of a nationwide economic disaster? The U.S. government, pressured by special interests (not their citizens' interests,...

Big Changes Cloud Horizon Of Fannie Mae And Freddy Mac

Two financial and housing industry giants, the federal government-created mortgage guarantors, Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac,The Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA), aka Fannie Mae and the Federal Home Loan...

The Cost Burden Of Pursuing Distant Opportunity: Unaffordable Housing

Getting on the success bandwagon by upping stakes and moving to a new location has always been pricy. Whether it's anecdotal history from the gold rush, or more recent...

The Reprieve Of The Flimsy Fly-By-Never Single-Wide Trailer Park Death Trap

For many, many years manufactured homes just couldn't 'get no respect.' Inexpensive, certainly. Mobile? Not really. They just picked up that reputation by snuggling up to real — and real...

“Archvillains” Of The 2008 US Credit Crisis Now Permitted To Play In The Affordable Housing Market

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, two US Congress-chartered GSE's (Government Sponsored Enterprises) have been blamed by many for causing the 2008 US credit crisis that brought the housing industry to...
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