Guardian Public Service Awards: Good Housing News From A Great Paper

Before getting into The Guardian Housing and Public Service Awards, an Top Affordable Housing Newspaper award to The Guardian itself. The Guardian is right up there in quality with the top handful...

Planning Ahead For The Great Public Private Partnership Poop-Out

Yes indeed, the leopard may change its spots. And the scorpion crossing the river on the back of the frog may not sting it, so that they both drown....

Affordable Housing In Trailer Parks? ROCk On, America!

These days, a flood of buy-and-destroy developers as well as vulture rental packagers threaten the existence of a longstanding North American affordable housing institution — the trailer park. Trailer parks...

Zig-Zags And Broken Field Running: Non-Profits Facilitate Housing Speculation Touchdowns

Scratch the surface beneath Microsoft's generous affordable 500 million dollar housing pledge to Seattle. Vague on details so far, Microsoft itself points to a California project that may be...

American Exceptionalism Lives Proudly On, Building Habitat For Humanity Affordable Housing

Some pretty darned exceptional Americans have donated sweat equity to help form no less than thirty-four little communities of good spirit and good work in the company of other...

Affordable Housing Rents are Affordable, Not Free. So Why Don’t They Cover Repairs?

In a recent article, the Mayor of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island echoed a funding frustration that many lower level governments and non-governmental organizations face. Governments at all levels tend...

Non-Profit Eyes Bigger Than Stomach: A Recipe For Rapid Housing Decay?

When building affordable housing, non-profits need to be wary of misguided, even false, messaging from governments that have failed at the task. In North America, the decline of large...

You Can Be A Big Time Real Estate Developer. And You Don’t Need To Get Rich!

Are you friendly and outgoing? Shrewd, with a head for financial details and nose for business? Driven and hard-working? A team player with management skills necessary to effectively harness...

3.5 Million People With A Brighter Housing Future, Thanks To Habitat For Humanity

With its fundraising skills and huge volunteer pool, Habitat for Humanity has become a powerhouse charity in the construction of affordable housing. Habitat for Humanity published its Annual Report...
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