Funding Revenue Streams

Trust funds are a tool used to build housing that is affordable for people with low incomes. Trusts need ongoing funding to accomplish ongoing missions. An ongoing revenue stream is typically identified to provide the funding.

Poverty For Profit: REIT Hard At Work In the Homelessness Mines

This post is a tale of two viewpoints. From the bastions of free enterprise? Confirmation that there is literally nothing on earth that cannot, with good conscience, be turned...

Columbus, OH, Teeters, Then Topples: Housing For The Poorest . . . Or Federal Funding?

That there is a 'need' for housing across the American nation is largely self-evident. Housing developers would be heading out of business otherwise, and the largest of them at...

Calling All American Housing ‘Entities:’ Affordable Housing Challenge With Important Payoff

Entites? Whether you belong to a for-profit, non-profit, or a TDHETDHE — Tribally Designated Housing Entity entity, two other corporate 'entities' have an affordable housing challenge for your consideration. Wells...

Seattle Affordable Housing Fund Lyft-Off?

As affordable housing crises have deepened, cities and regions have looked to create housing trustsSee the category Funding: Revenue Streams for other posts on this issue. to fund new...

Jobs-Housing Linkage Fees — What Are They? How Can They Help Affordable Housing?

New businesses often require new business buildings. New business buildings become populated with new business workers. New business workers create a demand for new housing. The logic that tracks from new business...

San Francisco Report Digs Into Profit And Peril Of Public Banks

These days, when the word 'public' is applied to an institution (e.g. public housing) it is a dogwhistle for 'socialist,' which in turn is a dogwhistle for communist, leninist,...

Boston’s Community Preservation Agenda Includes Affordable Housing

With affordable housing now reaching crisis levels in most North American cities, symbolic housing trust funds with startup but no top up are giving way to housing funds that...

Colorado, Where The Wages Of Sin Is Affordable Housing (And The Munchies)

As North America's housing crisis deepens, there is a growing gap between land and housing costs on one hand, and the amount that a growing number of potential homebuyers...

From England to New York State: Converting Empty Homes Into Affordable Housing

Two kinds of empty homes impact affordable housing. Some houses are empty because they are second homes, used infrequently, provide wealthy foreigners with an overseas base, or are owned for...

City Councils as Social Housing Developers: Yesterday’s Socialist Evil, Or Tomorrow’s Hope For Affordable Housing?

DIY. Do It Yourself! Wise advice to a UK Borough Council that badly needs affordable housing? The London Borough of Hackney not only thinks so, it is taking aggressive...

Vancouver Finally Uncorks A Major City Bottleneck. Thousands Of Truly Affordable Homes Will Flow.

Vancouver, Canada is a city of world class unaffordable housing. And yet it possesses some $10 billion dollars in real estate holdings which include social housing. Most big cities own...

Affordable Housing Trust Funds: A ‘Second Home Tax’ Revenue Stream ?

In a recent article by John Healy, the UK Labour Party's Shadow Secretary of State for Housing, he contrasts the tens of thousands of children who sleep in shelters...

Affordable Housing Trust Funds: Two Revenue Streams For Philadelphia?

Philadelphia, like a number of other US cities, is creating an affordable housing trust fund*. How will trust be funded? One proposal has been approved by council. It is...
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