Affordability and Health

Articles about the health benefits of affordable housing: less stress about paying for housing and utilities, better access to medical care, prompt treatment of health issues and more money to purchase food and medications.

The Consequences Of Stepping Off The Road To Health Equity

Sir Michael Marmot doesn't mince words. As head of the Institute of Health Equity, he is critical of the United Kingdom government's COVID 19 response. His objections are based...

Boston Supports Affordable Housing Access By Supporting Affordable Food

The necessities of life come in silos.  A buyer of accommodation cannot expect to find a juicy bargain in the auto parts market. Even the poorest must compete for...

Bad Housing = Bad Health

i, an on line journal based in the England, has just published an opinion piece that takes aim at health issues in the private rental housing sector in the...

Connecting The Housing And Health Dots

Health researchers Diana Hernandez and Carolyn Swope from Columbia University have recently published two important articles that connect housing with health. We have much more access to information about health...

Teaming Up To Make Housing Affordable Through Health Investments

Health insurers in the United States are investing to reduce direct health care costs, which affect their bottom line and profit levels. Some of those investments help make housing...

Mountain View, CA: Hardship Posting For Teachers Plays ‘Company Town’

What does the school district of Mountain View in the San Francisco Bay area share with a school district in Kitimat, British Columbia? As far as their most important employees...

Housing Affordability And Health: Is There A Connection?

Does housing affordability affect health? This issue is not often explored in the media, but it's a different story in the academic literature. Health researchers surveyed over 10,000 households...

Why Americans Can’t Afford Housing: An Explanation From So Far In Left Field It May Be Right After All

There have been a number of recent stories in the press that have attempted, for good reason, to explore the 'other' side of the affordable housing crisis. What other side?...

Affordable Housing Is Part Of The Prescription For Long Life In Finland

Finland is back in the news.Earlier this year, Finland received attention because homelessness is going down, unlike many other western countries: From Finland, A Way To End Homelessness That...

From Scottish Children To US College students: Unaffordable Housing A Root Cause Of Poverty

Housing advocates applauded the Scottish Government's new  Tackling Child Poverty Action Plan, but some were quick to point out that it is necessary to decrease the cost of housing in order...

Americans Swim Up A Torrent Of Healthcare Money Towards An Earlier Death

Research is showing that America's fight for good health is apparently impeded by the amount of money spent on healthcare. Three times more money spent compared to that spent...

Take Two Aspirin And An Affordable Home, Then Call Me In The Morning

Only 10% of people’s health needs are delivered at a medical facility. The recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation: Beyond Health Care: The Role of Social Determinants in Promoting...
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