Neighbourhood Health

Articles about how neighbourhood contributes to health. Neighbourhoods located away from flood prone areas, with well kept housing, social networks and access to public transportation, parks and green spaces, grocery stores and employment are associated with better health outcomes than ones with vacant lots, run down buildings and incompatible land uses (eg. incinerators, waste management facilites). Includes strategies to reduce income segregation in residential districts.

Is There Room In Your Country For “Ella’s Law?”

In the United Kingdom, a court finds that a child's death has been caused by air pollution. In Nunavut, easternmost of Canada's arctic territories, dangerous public housing is on its...

Step Back From Bad And Ugly Of Public Housing To Celebrate The Good

The demonization of public housing residents in America has been a price paid by "small government" beliefs that the public purse has no role to play in either the...

COVID-19 Adds To The Impact Of Historic Discrimination

America's widest circulation newspaper, USA Today, has used its resources to find out who is being hit hardest by COVID-19 in the US. Picking six areas where there was...

Yonkers, NY, Traces Yesterday’s Past Black Discrimination That Now Kills Today

Recent protests in the US have focused on current discrimination against Blacks, as well its deep roots in American culture and society since Emancipation. The unrest has triggered calls...

Updated – Indigenous And Homeless? 12 Reasons Why Affordable Housing Alone Is Not Enough

Jesse Thistle describes the evolution of the Indigenous definition of homelessness and shares some of his own experience in this video conversation with Jayne Malenfant and Stephen Gaetz. Jayne...

Health Care Organizations Up Their Game In The Housing Business

Here's a resource for people who want to extend the impact of health care services. It's a booklet that outlines best practices that have combined goals of providing housing...

Connecting The Housing And Health Dots

Health researchers Diana Hernandez and Carolyn Swope from Columbia University have recently published two important articles that connect housing with health. We have much more access to information about health...

A Toronto Hospital Signs On For Affordable Housing

The University Health Network in Toronto recently announced that it will donate a vaccant parcel of land for development as a site for affordable housing.The site is currently a...

Indigenous Housing Providers: A Source Of Strength For Affordable Housing

The Canadian Housing and Renewal Association (CHRA) has just released a report about non-profit affordable housing that is provided and operated by indigenous organizations. The housing is spread across...

Affordable Shipping Container Housing: Comfy Microhomes Or Homeless Prison Cells?

Quirky Architectural Think-Toy For an affordable housing solution? Or barely habitable concentration camp cage for homeless children? It would seem that shipping container housing can be both. Just as a pile...

Shelter For All + Healthy Environment: Positive Partners Or Poisonous Protagonists?

When humans interfere with the environment, even with the best of intentions, it can have an impact on human health.

Housing And Health: The Backbone Of Strong Communities

The NHP Foundation, an affordable housing provider in the US, is challenging others to reboot and accept homeless people as tenants. NHP argues that with appropriate supports and partnerships,...

What Makes A Healthy Community? Art? Affordable Housing? Both? Careful Thought From Durham, NC

Let's begin in the most intimate and familiar corner of your community: your own home. "In this new era of Artificial Intelligence, modern families will soon realize that a robotic Personal Assistant is...

City Councils as Social Housing Developers: Yesterday’s Socialist Evil, Or Tomorrow’s Hope For Affordable Housing?

DIY. Do It Yourself! Wise advice to a UK Borough Council that badly needs affordable housing? The London Borough of Hackney not only thinks so, it is taking aggressive...

Inclusionary Zoning: What Is It? Why Do It? Who’s Doing It?

Researchers in the United States are investigating inclusionary zoning as a regulatory tool to improve health outcomes. Their findings are reported in the journal Health Affairs. Land uses are regulated...

Take Two Aspirin And An Affordable Home, Then Call Me In The Morning

Only 10% of people’s health needs are delivered at a medical facility. The recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation: Beyond Health Care: The Role of Social Determinants in Promoting...

Aboriginal And Homeless? 12 Reasons Why Affordable Housing Alone Is Not Enough.

A Canadian definition of homelessness neither mirrored nor explained the aboriginal experiences of Jesse Thistle. He decided that a definition that reflected the aboriginal experience was an essential foundation...
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