Safety and Quality Impact On Health

Articles about health benefits of housing quality. Adverse effects of poor quality housing include chronic illnesses such as heart disease and asthma, permanent neurological damage, exposure to second hand smoke, falls and other injuries, and personal safety.

Updated – Domestic Abuse: Can/Should Social Landlords Handle It Better?

In the early days of COVID-19 we described temporary measures in Scotland to assist people experiencing domestic violence. Two groups led the design and the implementation of the temporary...

The Consequences Of Stepping Off The Road To Health Equity

Sir Michael Marmot doesn't mince words. As head of the Institute of Health Equity, he is critical of the United Kingdom government's COVID 19 response. His objections are based...

Connecting Housing And Health – COVID Helps Provide Links

Chelsea, Massachusetts is a neighbour to Boston. Its level of COVID infections is 918/10,000, the highest in the state. Like other communities with high infection rates, Chelsea residents are...

“A [COVID] Factor That Came Late To Public Attention: Ventilation.”

Ventilation came late to COVID 19 public attention? Really? Not in this writer's Canadian household, where stories out of East Asia early last spring described in diagrammatic detail how...

Customer Sometimes Right? Social Housing Landlords Might Need To Check

In the United Kingdom, the Grenfell Tower disasterSee: “Nobody Listened to Us!” Grenfell Tower Fire Survivors Demand A Legal Voice For All Social Housing Tenants and its aftermath shows...

Tenants Call For Green Kitchens In NYCHA Buildings

Tenants living in housing owned by the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) have come up with a great idea to get the ball rolling on a Green New...

Birmingham Private Housing Authorities Abandon Special Needs Tenants

The U.K. government has over the past few years created loopholes for housing developers normally restricted by numerous by-laws. This extra freedom was created in order to encourage the...

COVID-19 Adds To The Impact Of Historic Discrimination

America's widest circulation newspaper, USA Today, has used its resources to find out who is being hit hardest by COVID-19 in the US. Picking six areas where there was...

COVID + Climate Change: Health Vulnerable At Risk Both Hot And Cold

In a recent post, we considered summer heat maps which coincided with U.S. urban discrimination practices, leaving poorer and more vulnerable people at risk in the record-breaking heat waves...

Landlords Vs. Tenants: The New Warm Is Cold

The US is suffering the effects of climate change along with many other countries. Like those countries, it has taken literally centuries before both landlords and governments have come...

Bad Housing = Bad Health

i, an on line journal based in the England, has just published an opinion piece that takes aim at health issues in the private rental housing sector in the...

Connecting The Housing And Health Dots

Health researchers Diana Hernandez and Carolyn Swope from Columbia University have recently published two important articles that connect housing with health. We have much more access to information about health...

Affordable Shipping Container Housing: Comfy Microhomes Or Homeless Prison Cells?

Quirky Architectural Think-Toy For an affordable housing solution? Or barely habitable concentration camp cage for homeless children? It would seem that shipping container housing can be both. Just as a pile...

Shelter For All + Healthy Environment: Positive Partners Or Poisonous Protagonists?

When humans interfere with the environment, even with the best of intentions, it can have an impact on human health.

Lifting The Hood On Affordable Housing ‘Red Tape’

Red Tape: Everybody hates it. Nobody needs it. When it comes to affordable housing, red tape is taking the blame for high costs. It is being disparaged by many actors...

Deregulation Helps Private Housing Developers Build Affordable . . . .OMG!

A constant drumbeat of housing industry advocacy targets over-regulation in the housing industry. Higher density, lower floor space, smaller lots, skip the housing inspectors — all these will allow...

North American Senior’s Housing: Stealing Humanity For Profit, Or By Government Neglect?

Population aging in a number of countries has shone a nasty new light on the limitations of public/private partnerships in fulfilling the promise of affordable housing. Why? Because the affordable...

Domestic Violence Victims: Out Of The Frying Pan And Into A Bureaucratic Housing Fire

The Guardian has recently explored how domestic violence victims in the UK are assisted in escaping their misery. A somewhat surprising conclusion is that many of them are further...

Ugly Consequences When Housing For Vulnerable Populations Goes Unregulated

Three unrelated stories point to the importance of regulating or monitoring affordable housing for vulnerable populations. In America, there is a federal requirement that cities and states provide housing and...

Take Two Aspirin And An Affordable Home, Then Call Me In The Morning

Only 10% of people’s health needs are delivered at a medical facility. The recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation: Beyond Health Care: The Role of Social Determinants in Promoting...
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