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Particular heath concerns of Indigenous peoples, and how affordable housing can address them

Canada’s National Inquiry Of Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women

The reports linked at the end of this post document the work of the national inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women and girls in Canada. They are based...

Winnipeg Improves On ‘Housing First’

Researchers at the University of Winnipeg's Institute for Urban Studies (IUS) have just completed a report about providing Housing First services to indigenous people experiencing homelessness. The report firmly supports...

Co-living: What Is It? Who Does It? Why Bother?

What is it? Co-living, in its broadest sense, means living with others. Since society has several traditions that involve co-living, not the least of which is the family, its currently...

Updated: A Housing Way To Fight Aboriginal Tuberculosis

This article was first published in March 2018 and is updated with new information released on January 24 and March 8, 2019. Poor housing conditions in Canada's northern territory of...

Can Intersectionality Pave A Pathway To Affordable Housing In Minneapolis?

Intersectionality. Affordability. Big words to do battle with homelessness. But from the bottom of the deepest trenches in that battle, the individuals involved are aware of the very real...

Tiny Homes Brings Affordable Privacy And Dignity To First Nations People

Homelessness is a disease in Canadian indigenous communities that afflicts many. It brings with it a host of mental and physical complications, such as alcoholism and severe depression. Many northern...

Aboriginal And Homeless? 12 Reasons Why Affordable Housing Alone Is Not Enough.

A Canadian definition of homelessness neither mirrored nor explained the aboriginal experiences of Jesse Thistle. He decided that a definition that reflected the aboriginal experience was an essential foundation...

BC Nurses Broaden Their Vision Of Healthcare For Vulnerable People

Not all health care professionals feel that health care dollars should flow to the huge and hugely expensive medical industry which gives them their livelihood. In Canada, the British Columbia Nurses...
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