Indigenous Housing Providers: A Source Of Strength For Affordable Housing

The Canadian Housing and Renewal Association (CHRA) has just released a report about non-profit affordable housing that is provided and operated by indigenous organizations. The housing is spread across...

Finding The Path To End Indigenous Homelessness

How can we support people who are homeless to leave the streets and move to permanent housing? The link below leads to a Canadian research study that tackled this...

Can Intersectionality Pave A Pathway To Affordable Housing In Minneapolis?

Intersectionality. Affordability. Big words to do battle with homelessness. But from the bottom of the deepest trenches in that battle, the individuals involved are aware of the very real...

Small And Self-Sufficient: An Affordable Housing Solution For First Nations Homeless Men

Where the road meets the water at the end of a long British Columbia fijord, the magnificent scenery of Bella Coola is little comfort for indigenous men from the...

Tiny Homes Brings Affordable Privacy And Dignity To First Nations People

Homelessness is a disease in Canadian indigenous communities that afflicts many. It brings with it a host of mental and physical complications, such as alcoholism and severe depression. Many northern...

Aboriginal And Homeless? 12 Reasons Why Affordable Housing Alone Is Not Enough.

A Canadian definition of homelessness neither mirrored nor explained the aboriginal experiences of Jesse Thistle. He decided that a definition that reflected the aboriginal experience was an essential foundation...
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