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Employment needs that inform access to, and retention of affordable housing

I’m Here. Job’s There. Personal And Planning Views Of Public Housing Spatial Dislocation

Two stories provide different perspectives on the handicap of spatial dislocation for tenants of American public housing. Decisions made to site public housing projects were and still often are...

In A City Wilderness, Can A Business Build An Oasis For Its Employees?

After studying a problem, most governments attempt an organized response that includes a timetable for implementing different phases of the solution. All very well, but where does that leave a...

Boston: New Affordable Housing Funding . . Or Very Old?

Riffing off the widely publicized 'gifts' from California tech companies, Boston's Mayor Walsh is calling for a new affordable funding stream from local businesses. Read more in the Boston...

Minimum Wage Hikes Can’t Touch Affordable Housing Crises

These days, a class of experts we'd like to call "People With Another Great Idea" have been pleased to point out that while housing costs are largely fixed, incomes...

Charlotte, NC Explores The Other Side Of The Affordable Housing Coin

In a free market, affordability is transactional. It makes sense only if there are two sides to the transaction. A seller's price (fixed) is only affordable if a purchaser's...

An Affordable Pox On All Your Tech Industry Charitable Housing

The headline seems a little churlish, doesn't it? Sneering at charitable contributions? We thought so. And yet it forms the core of a similar headline from the electronic publication:...

U.S. Unemployment At 50-Yr Low: Good News For Affordable Housing

To make sense of this story's headline, you have to be prepared to accept that housing can be made more affordable by raising the income of anyone trying to...

Teachers: Who Can Afford To Battle The Modern SchoolChild?

Two kinds of affordability afflict the modern teacher. Can teachers afford the school lifestyle? That's life in an ongoing social experiment where, learning aside, students blunder about to hone their...

Outside the Box: Humboldt County, CA Thinks The Unthinkable

Has Humboldt County California gone commie? Or maybe just half as sinful — socialist? The major purpose of government at all levels is to collect individual problems into solutions for...

Supercharged By Boondoggle? Affordable Housing Via The Green New Deal

America faces a bugle call to arms on many fronts such as immigration and terrorism. The call for affordable housing, for all that it is a matter of pressing...

The Cost Burden Of Pursuing Distant Opportunity: Unaffordable Housing

Getting on the success bandwagon by upping stakes and moving to a new location has always been pricy. Whether it's anecdotal history from the gold rush, or more recent...

Public Investment In Australian Affordable Housing Pays Off

It's an old story which still holds. You have to spend money to make money. A consortium of non-profit, government and industry groups found this out after they commissioned study...

SF Success Requires Gentrification Plan To Include Existing Neighbours

Even California's legendary neighbourhood NIMBYNot In My Back Yard activists have had difficulty withstanding the relentless pressure for gentrification in downtown neighbourhoods. In 2015, San Francisco took steps to...

The Middle Class Unaffordable House: Are There Middle Class Income Solutions?

Most explorations about the affordability crisis in a nation seem to turn on the cost of housing. Ever more expensive building materials are assembled by ever more expensive labour...

Right End Of The Stick? Buckhead Thinks Affordable Housing Solves Traffic, Not Causes It

In the gentrified Atlanta, Georgia neighbourhood of Buckhead, intrepid urban voyageurs are proposing to paddle upstream against conventional traffic attitudes. For most neighbourhoods suspiciously eyeing housing development projects, traffic congestion...

Collingwood Plans Dorms For The Bums In The New Wilderness: Unaffordability

Industry operating in remote communities inevitably take responsibility for providing employee accommodation. But in tourist towns of Southern Georgian Bay? Really? The sad truth is that affordable housing is in...

With A Steeper Road To Climb, Africa Wants And Needs Affordable Housing, Too.

We'll get to this story by way of an apology. Affordablehousingaction.org is a western society-based blog. It posts contributions to solving the affordable housing crisis from around the world,...

Iowa Considers Prisoner Training To Support Affordable Rural House-Building

Rural municipalities in Iowa are talking with prison officials about building low cost housing. With profitable higher densities and numbers, housing projects in cities attract most or all of...

Wealthy, Isolated Whistler, BC Implements PLIMBY (Please, In My Back Yard)

Someone wants to build affordable housing in Whistler? There will be no NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) here. NIMBY doesn't work when there is only your back yard....

Against the Law: Unaffordable Housing

Unaffordable housing: these days it works against the law, against nursing, against firefighting, against teaching, as well as other activities which are a foundation of any healthy community. The chief...

A Tip From The Beach For Employers Needing Workers: Build Up!

Affordable housing for seasonal workers is often scarce in resort towns. Its not uncommon for unscrupulous landlords to charge extortionate prices while cramming migrant workers and students into the...

When Lack of Affordable Housing For Others Becomes A Health Problem For You

In charming holidayland, a perfect storm of vacation homes, tourist rentals and every other kind of housing demand pushes house prices through the roof. So now coffee shop baristas...
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