10,000 L.A. Public Housing Units That Didn’t Get Built

A recent article in Mother Jones recounts a story from Los Angeles about 10,000 units of public housing that were never built. The article is about Frank Wilkinson, who worked...

COVID-19 Adds To The Impact Of Historic Discrimination

America's widest circulation newspaper, USA Today, has used its resources to find out who is being hit hardest by COVID-19 in the US. Picking six areas where there was...

Bloomington, III, Conference Hears Solution to ALL NIMBY Problems

At a recent conference, Not In My Back Yard (NIMBY) advocates have been given a preview of the ultimate NIMBY solution. Up until now, NIMBY protesters have voiced their opposition...

Need Affordable Housing? What ‘Big Government’ Could Do For You.

Way back when, remember Big Government? Oh. You think Big Government is still with us, a bloated zombie from a failed twentieth century socialist experiment, still hard at work draining tax...

Get Out Your Wallets, NIMBYites! Here Comes Affordable Housing Cap-And-Trade

All right, all right, there's no need to panic yet, neighbourhood Chicken Littles. The sky is not falling, nor has affordable housing cap-and-trade invaded your exclusive housing corner of...

Prejudiced America: The Latest Indignity — Caught Housing While Pregnant

Smuggling a child-to-be into an apartment where management disapproves of children? Should be a snap if you're only a few months pregnant. Nowhere near as difficult as smuggling in...

Is There a Difference Between Hostile Architecture and Torture?

If you are homeless, and cannot sleep over a heat vent, will you die? The odds are against it unless you are in a country with a frigid winter...

Chinese As Well As Americans Share Contempt For The Affordable ‘Poor Door’

'Poor Door' is a recently coined term. Already, there are opportunities to expand it. Over the last few years, apartment developments with affordable units in New York have come under...

What’s The Matta, Piñata? Affordable Housing, That’s What.

Are you concerned about Affordable Housing? Start a blog — we did. Stage a protest — many have. Or, you could make a piñata . . . .? ....

Social Housing Paternalism Disguised As Efficiency = Discrimination

The Australian federal government has a new scheme to streamline the management of social housing occupants. Using the convenience of electronic funds transfer, social housing occupants can automatically have...

Rooming Houses: Yesterday’s Blight? Or Tomorrow’s Housing Solution?

Rooming Houses have inherited the prejudices of another era. Low rent, low class, catering to single, rootless, "ne're-do-wells", a festering sore on the backside of any upright community. But do...

Low Income Housing Must Be Designed Not Only For Economy, But For Human Dignity: Los Angeles Architects

In a Los Angeles region of ten million people, homelessness increased substantially in 2015 to top 47,000 people. Recognizing that housing for people experiencing homelessness is a major architectural...
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