Role Models

Those who toil with particular distinction in the crisis world of affordable housing

‘The Soo’ City Councillor Hammers Home Affordable Refurbishing Scheme.

Can't get elected as a city councillor in The Soo?The Soo is the nickname of Sault (pronounced 'Soo') Ste. Marie in the province of Ontario If you're a carpenter...

Hodan, Please Don’t Go Back Where You Came From. We Need You Here!

Let's talk about a kick-ass Somalian from Minnesota, a new member in the House Of Representatives. We must mean Ilhan Omar, the new member of the U.S. House of Representatives,...

Local Governments & Businesses Plan To Push For Fed Affordable Housing Leadership

At the latest Group of Seven(G7) get-together in Biarritz, France, Trump and his aides made it clear that official federal policy, regardless of the views of the American people,...

Affordability To The Rescue Of The New Marxists. Who Are They? The 1%, Of Course.

Marx was a classical economist who predicted that capitalism would self-destruct, then offered some predictions about what might replace it. It was Lenin, not Marx, who proposed putting capitalism...

The Stubbornly High Number Of American Women In Jail: Is Eviction A Factor?

It seems that the lucrative harvest of quasi-felons that enriches the American jailing industry is growing disproportionately female. Further, the lack of affordable housing may play a significant role...

UCLA Launches New Program For Affordable Housing

If you are someone toiling in the trenches to develop affordable housing, you'll know it's a complex business, with a fair bit of learn-as-you-go. You've probably seen enough professional education...

Finding Ho-Hum: Good News Stories And Affordable Progress Vs. NIMBY Nastiness

NIMBY almost inevitably marred a recent heart-warming Toronto tale of a single family's selfless gift to homeless women. A family purchased a mansion-sized house on a five lane commuter corridor...

Billie Vaughn Breaks Down Barriers to American Affordable Housing

In every field of human endeavour, there are strong people with the courage and perseverance to overcome difficulties and achieve success. There are far fewer with the courage, compassion...

Karl Marx: Renaissance Bound?

Perhaps you know Karl Marx as the spawn of the devil who invented the Soviet Union, winner of the free world's Top Evil Empire Prize year after year for...

Squat To Own: Impossible? Not So, Call The Expert Who’s Been There.

Squatter's rights: hard to believe they have any. But they do, along with a host of wrongs, such as trespass. Ask Steven DeCaprio. He's been there. A squatter living in the...

The View From Hobart: Booming Economies Swell Jobs, Shrink Homes

In the United States, the current Republican-dominated congress, the president, big businesses and wealthy cronies have dined out on a 1.5 trillion dollar tax break which will supposedly more...

You Can Be A Big Time Real Estate Developer. And You Don’t Need To Get Rich!

Are you friendly and outgoing? Shrewd, with a head for financial details and nose for business? Driven and hard-working? A team player with management skills necessary to effectively harness...
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