Issues and events regarding the particular barriers to affordable housing faced by seniors

Enhanced Mental Health For Seniors In Public Housing

Patrick Raue is using his research to help seniors to stay connected. It is proving helpful to tenants living in public housing. At any time, it's important to keep connections...

The Many Colours of NIMBY, Hearsay Edition: Sacrificial Seniors Lure Jackals

Well, we've sunk so low as to offer up a hearsay NIMBY. We'd rather not, of course, but in this case ...

Baby Boomers – How Do They Fare In the Housing Market?

A recent edition of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation's (CMHC) Housing Market Insight looks at housing trends among baby boomers in the Greater Toronto area. Baby boomers are...

Helping Baby Boomers Go Very Slowly, Gracefully, And Affordably Bust

What do Baby Boomers Need? Fresh air and sunlight (which we all need). But surprisingly, seniors, along with the rest of us, need surprisingly little as it turns out. A...

New Jersey Non-Profit Demonstrates What Community Can Do That Government Can’t

When it comes to affordable housing, New Jersey's bickering between municipalities and the state have set a national benchmark for the lowest possible standard of government commitment to a...

Old News Is Bad News: Toronto Seniors Facing Consequences Of Unaffordable Housing

Toronto City staff are updating the city's housing strategies, on their way to a new affordable housing plan for the coming years. We can only hope that this major North...

Aging National Populations Now Face Unique Affordable Housing Challenges

Some 70 years ago, a number of nations put their other national priorities on hold while sending a large segment of their young male population off to fight World...

Canada’s NICE May Need A Naughtier Affordable Housing Project

In the spirit of its 'NICE' acronym, Canada's National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly is embarking on an admirable and extremely ambitious affordable housing initiative. The charitable...

Wuh-up Dawg? Are You a Cool Cat? Intergenerational Homeshare: Dawgs & Cats Living Together

At a recent national mayor's conference in Boston, that city shared some of its current experiments in the creation of more affordable housing. Read more in The Bay State...

Affordable Seniors Homes And The Problem of Family Support

Mobility is a game for youngsters: "Go West, Young Man": famous advice from another era to someone who would seek their fortune. But today it might be, East, West, North...

The Affordability Crisis Overwhelms The Golden Years

With the 'Silver Tsunami' of retired baby boomers now looming on the horizon, rising home prices and rents are erasing the promise of carefree retirement. For the lucky few...

The Silver Tsunami: Will Expiring Seniors Bring Down Housing Costs When Nothing Else Can?

A recent study that examined 16 years of the housing market in Australia has concluded that housing is not a commodity that reacts normally to classic market force supply...
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