Issues and events regarding the particular barriers to affordable housing faced by students

Tacoma Looks To Solve A Student Housing Crisis — If Landlords Cooperate

Increasing numbers of college age students are either homeless, or hovering on the edge of it. Tensions over this problem have been rising in American institutions of higher learning,...

Montreal Students Build DIY Muscle To Create Affordable University Housing

Montreal, Quebec is unusual among Canadian and American cities: it has far more renters than owners. Like many other cities though, the amount of rental housing is not keeping...

Growing U.S. Student Loan Crisis Partly Fuelled By Unaffordable Rental Housing

The growing cost of higher learning in America leaves many graduates crippled by student loan debt throughout young adulthood and, for some, well into middle age. Recognition that this...

High School Students Build . . . Affordable Housing?

Wow! How times change. When I was in high school I was entrusted (barely) with building a wall lamp from aluminum strips, decoration added by precise and delicate hammering...

Indiana ‘Friendship’ Co-Living: Extra Challenge, Extra Reward

The search for housing affordability has recently focused attention on the benefits of co-living.Try: Co-living: What Is It? Who Does It? Why Bother? That co-living involves responsibilities as well...

Students Contribute To The Affordable Housing Crisis. Can Colleges Help Solve The Problem?

To say that students contribute to a housing crisis is not meant to suggest that students are less worthy of affordable housing than others. This does tend to be one...

$$$ College Housing? $$ But Scarce Off-Campus? Student Union Eyes Third Way

These days, college and university students are often burdened by loans necessary to higher education tuition. This financial problem is only growing. That's because, for those without a convenient...

Student Housing Woes: Worthy Of Worry Or Wrong-Headed Whining?

To an American student complaining about unaffordable housing, a sensible college administration might point out that earning a degree can well add an extra million dollars or so to...

Tempe AZ Squanders Affordable Housing To Coddle Wealthy Students

Let's place our housing future in the hands of private enterprise, shall we? Let's all live in a housing industry's pipe dream of what homeowners truly want and deserve. Tempe,...

Canada’s NICE May Need A Naughtier Affordable Housing Project

In the spirit of its 'NICE' acronym, Canada's National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly is embarking on an admirable and extremely ambitious affordable housing initiative. The charitable...

Wuh-up Dawg? Are You a Cool Cat? Intergenerational Homeshare: Dawgs & Cats Living Together

At a recent national mayor's conference in Boston, that city shared some of its current experiments in the creation of more affordable housing. Read more in The Bay State...

Ugly Consequences When Housing For Vulnerable Populations Goes Unregulated

Three unrelated stories point to the importance of regulating or monitoring affordable housing for vulnerable populations. In America, there is a federal requirement that cities and states provide housing and...

Housing Justice Conference Faults ‘Back Door Gentrification’ & University Complicity

A Charlottesville, Virginia Housing Justice Conference identified two indirect but still concerning problems which were driving up housing prices, and driving out seniors of color, including those who own...

Worried You Can’t Get Student Housing? You’re Just One More Whiner With A Bad Attitude

What do you say to a Howard University student who feels she is facing a choice between homelessness or heading elsewhere to school? If you're speaking from the lofty heights...

Affordable Teaching, Unaffordable Learning

Assisting teachers into affordable housing has been considered a necessity for San Mateo Community Colleges in San Mateo, California. But these institutions are becoming aware of a small catch...
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