Evicted Oakland Squatter-Moms Buy That Vacant House

Fabulous news for the evicted moms. A totally meaningless victory in a war that desperately needs to be fought against house flipping?

Little To Ask: The Simple Pleasure of Affording To Return Home

Two recent in-depth articles in Shelterforce provide a snapshot of an unexpected argument that has come up, thanks to gentrification. Gentrification displaces long time inhabitants of a neighbourhood, particularly the people...

Freer Housing Is ‘Fairer Housing.’ Yowza!

It's not often that we copy exact chunks of headline from an article we'd like you to explore. (Not the Yowza! That's all our own work.) But otherwise, the...

Harvesting Humans For Profit In The UK

One of the currently most successful human harvesting activities in free enterprise societies can be found in the United States — private jailing. Because the collection and control of humans...

Three Takes On California’s Housing Crisis: Part 1

Part One considers the current clash of legal responsibilities between the two levels of government actively involved — state and local — focusing on Pasadena.

Your Affordable Home Is Falling Down. Sorry, It Can’t Be Fixed. You Have To Move. Not.

"But where will we go?" Scanning affordable housing stories worldwide, an article reports some unfortunate locale were residents are being evicted from social or public housing practically every day. Four constant...

Affordable Shipping Container Housing: Comfy Microhomes Or Homeless Prison Cells?

Quirky Architectural Think-Toy For an affordable housing solution? Or barely habitable concentration camp cage for homeless children? It would seem that shipping container housing can be both. Just as a pile...

Just Build More Housing? These Days, The Idea Rules, But Without Clothes

As a child, I attended a live production of The Emperor’s New Clothes. The Emperor met up with weavers who promised cloth of the finest quality and lightest weight....

New Jersey Aims To Buy Up Foreclosures, Taking Banker Thumbs Off Housing Market Scales

Even Adam Smith, who proposed the free market theories of supply and demand some two and a half centuries ago, didn't believe the theories worked in situations influenced by...

California Dreaming? Europe’s Mature Rail Networks Spread Unaffordability, Not Affordability.

In California, 2018 has seen the rise and fall of an affordable housing initiative located next to transit nodes where higher density affordable housing could be enshrined. Lower wage...

New American Tax Law: Helping Poor Communities? Or Helping Gentrify Poor Communities?

It's a little unnerving to hear that investors are absolutely racing to capitalize on a new tax law billed as a benefit for poor communities in the United States....

Could The Affordable Housing Crisis Hollow Out American Cities . . . Again?

In America, an affordable housing juggernaut is looming, sweeping in from the west. Read about the depth of the situation and the inadequate response in ctpost: San Francisco's housing crisis is...

As American Poor Are Pushed Out To Suburbs, Mumbai Commits To Affordable City Core

The flight of poverty in American cities has been towards the suburbs. Downtown affordable housing has evaporated in the face in urban renewal and gentrification. This has largely been...

Is There a Difference Between Hostile Architecture and Torture?

If you are homeless, and cannot sleep over a heat vent, will you die? The odds are against it unless you are in a country with a frigid winter...

Cincinnati ‘Progress’: A New Football Home, Or A Crime Against Affordable Housing?

No, 'Cincinnati Progress' is not the name of a new city soccer team. 'Progress' is a world of flying cars, robot servants and wrist-watch computers, a future dream-state wrapped...
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