Environmental Impact

Issues concerning the relationship between a basic human need for adequate shelter and the cost to the environment of that human shelter.

Does Paris Have A Method For U.S. Public Housing Madness?

The United States is gradually waking up to the fact that it has profoundly neglected the upkeep of its public housing. This hasn't mattered under several decades of neoliberal...

France Plans Targets For Using Natural Materials In Public Buildings

A 15 unit public housing project in Paris's 18th arrondissement is catching the attention of architectural magazines. The building, which is built with hempcrete insulation, rises no higher than...

A Tug Of War Between The Affordable Housing Crisis And The Climate Crisis

The demolition of Cabrini Green — public housing units in that were home to 15,000 people in Chicago — is the starting point of this article in Salon about...

Up In Smoke: Current Fate of UK Proposals For Cannabis Construction

Insulation? It doesn't have to be a manufactured product. It can be grown. Seaweed insulation made from shallow water eel grass once provided an excellent quality of insulation, gathered...

Activists: EU Must Pursue Green Building Solutions Without Creating More Homeless

Homelessness in the EU has increased dramatically over the past ten years. The numbers are expected to rise as post-pandemic evictions put those out on the streets who have...

Can Existing Social Housing Go ‘Green’ One Baby Step At A Time?

A local article from a Welsh newspaper paints in one corner of an enormous issue: 'decarbonization' of United Kingdom's social housing. Viewed from America, decarbonization or greening, or energy efficiency,...

The Many Colours Of NIMBY: The Call Of The Wild

For those determined to man the neighbourhood battlements against change, any and all weapons are used to stave off development plans which alter the 'neighbourhood character.'

Shelter For All + Healthy Environment: Positive Partners Or Poisonous Protagonists?

When humans interfere with the environment, even with the best of intentions, it can have an impact on human health.

For The Birds: California Union Lawsuit To Prevent Human Housing

On one hand are environmentalists concerned with planet's decaying health. On the other, an ever-swelling world population that requires shelter. The clash is inevitable. Environmentalists focus on human activity that...
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