Preventing Evictions As Part Of The Right To Housing

As part of a commitment to its residents, Toronto's City Council has confirmed housing as a human right and implemented programs support that commitment. With COVID-19 arriving on the...

U.S. Evictions Tsunami? Still Looming As Some Hope To Cancel Rents

The U.S., like many countries staggering under the impact of COVID-19, is facing a hopefully-temporary crisis of individual and family poverty. One consequence has been an inability of a...

Tough Times For Landlords: The Shoe Remains Stuck On The Other Foot

In Ontario, Canada, a landlord can't even book a hearing for a juicy above-guideline rent increase, such is the demanding backlog facing the Landlord Tenant Board as it begins...

Silver Tsunami Greets Affordable Senior’s Housing That Isn’t There

Do you know that the writer of this article is a senior? You may not, but Google does. I read articles from around the world daily in publications from...

COVID-19 & The Full Granular Horror of Public Private Housing Partnerships

Years of public housing destruction in the U.S. have been justified by a faith-based principle: that private enterprise can spend public money more efficiently and effectively than governments to...

Musical Chairs: When The Chairs Are Homes, No Fun When The Music Stops

How close is your bum to a seat when the music stops? Musical chairs is all about a lack of choice — shared by all the contestants in the...

Evicted Oakland Squatter-Moms Buy That Vacant House

Fabulous news for the evicted moms. A totally meaningless victory in a war that desperately needs to be fought against house flipping?

“There’s A Hole In My Flooring, Dear Landlord, Dear Landlord . . .

In many jurisdictions, there is at least a grudging recognition that governments must ensure that tenants can remain sheltered in privately-owned housing.This includes small government that favours the private...

Forced Evictions? They Don’t Happen In A Prosperous, Civilized Country Like Ours!

Oh yes they do happen! But before facing up to the problem in our own country let's have a look at the bad news about another country's inhumanity somewhere else....
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