Market Value Issues

Issues and events explore the blurring of the distinction between market value housing and affordable housing, together with attempts to create healthy neighbourhoods that mix the two.

Montréal: Can A By-Law Hitch An Affordable Cart To The Housing Dragon?

Montréal, Québec is like communities everywhere that recognize a need for secure, truly affordable housing for low- and no- income citizens. And like many, many communities, Montréal would far...

Acquiring Land for Affordable Housing? Scrap That Idea!

Governments, for all their supposed powers, are clearly at a disadvantage when it comes to competing with private enterprise that has sniffed profit in the wind. Sandy Springs, a newish...

London Mayor: Private Enterprise Can’t Solve Affordable Housing Crisis

Faced with an affordable housing crisis in his city, the Mayor of London, UK, has pointed out the fatal flaw when it comes to using PPPs (Public Private Partnerships)...

Today’s Eye-roller: 4000 Sq Ft Lots Sporting ‘At-Market Affordable’ Homes

From Manteca, California come tales of the hard lives of the middle and upper classes, together with the tribulations of the housing developers who serve them. Viewed from a...

Council’s Affordable Housing Duplicity: You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide

So we're shining the sweat-inducing perp spotlight on some badly behaving city council. Which one, in which country? Consider this a blanket indictment of too many municipal councils facing affordable...

Charlotte Fixed Income Homeowners: Kneecapped By Rising Property Values?

So you own a home, it's partly or fully paid off, and its value is rising. Should you feel more secure in your newfound wealth? House proud, and comfortable enough...

Get Out Your Wallets, NIMBYites! Here Comes Affordable Housing Cap-And-Trade

All right, all right, there's no need to panic yet, neighbourhood Chicken Littles. The sky is not falling, nor has affordable housing cap-and-trade invaded your exclusive housing corner of...

Vancouver Finally Uncorks A Major City Bottleneck. Thousands Of Truly Affordable Homes Will Flow.

Vancouver, Canada is a city of world class unaffordable housing. And yet it possesses some $10 billion dollars in real estate holdings which include social housing. Most big cities own...

Viability Assessments: Are Artful Dodgers Facing A Comeuppance?

In the United Kingdom, affordable housing has been redefined to be anything up to 80% of market value. That makes the war on affordable housing 'a complete red herring'...

Social Housing At War With Private/ ‘Affordable’: A View From Trenches

The Battle of social housing is all but lost in North America. One by one the remaining project towers fall, ill-advised 'socialist' political tendencies sharing the blame with drug-addicted,...

Singapore’s Million Dollar Affordable Housing: A Public/Private Partnership Future?

A recent development by Singapore's public Housing and Development Board suggests an alarming future for public/private partnerships in countries who may be helping the needy to find affordable housing...

The State Seizes Your House. Public good? Or Middle-class Land Grab Conspiracy

Is American eminent domain a sinister weakness of public-private partnerships? Imagine that you own a small, old family dwelling in a downtown neighbourhood that has seen better days. A young...

Low Income Renting: How Subsidies Can Soon Squeeze You Homeless

Public housing, owned by the government, is relatively impervious to market forces, and in turn has historically insulated low-income renters from an affordability crisis that evicts them onto the...

It’s All About Us: City Politicians/Experts Navel-Gaze The Future of Government Housing Support

An international movement to broaden the social and economic classes eligible for affordable housing support is gaining steam. Make housing affordable for everyone, not just those most in need! Hardly...

When ‘Affordable’ Replaces ‘Social,’ The Housing Result Grows Grim For The Poorest

In Britain, government funding focus is shifting away from social housing targeted strictly for those most in need and towards affordable housing support for a broader range of income...
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