YIMBY (Yes in my back yard!) has articles about neighbours welcoming neighbours who move into affordable housing units.
Not to be confused with YIMBY as promoted by the housing industry. To be more accurate, the housing industry group should be called YIYBY (Yes in YOUR back yard).

P.E.I. YIMBY — Like The Province, Small And Beautiful

Indignant behaviour is undoubtedly worthy of a seat at the front table of the housing crisis. It is such a commonplace entry in the blame game that the acronym...

Dispatches From The Front Lines Of The NIMBY Vs. YIMBY Wars

Affordablehousingaction.org generally considers NIMBY and YIMBY to be two entirely different animals. The first of these — Not In My Back Yard (NIMBY) is a pop-up defensive castle guarded...

YIMBY: Let’s Get High!

Let's face it. YIMBY stories are scarce on the ground. So scarce that a first reaction on encountering one is: "They said what? That's unbelievable!"

The Many Colours Of YIMBY: Yes, It’s What The Neighbourhood Needs

We've found a collaborative neighbourhood YIMBY in Chicago that invests in the faith that mixed income neighbourhoods can be a better places to live than single-income-bracket ghettos. Granted, NIMBYites in this rapidly gentrifying neighbourhood had their say, with some of the usual moans such as lost parking for businesses (the land is currently in use as a city owned parking lot.)

The Many Colours of YIMBY: Yes! And Please Hurry Up About It!

With residents understandably concerned about what goes into and out of their neighbourhood, its only natural that there are a lot more 'no's that 'yes's to proposed changes.

The Many Colours of YIMBY: Tasteful Affordable Housing OK

Well, we truly hope there will be more than one article in this series, stunned as we were by the appearance YIMBYites standing on the neighbourhood barricades and waving at outsiders to come in.