COVID-19: Advice For Homeless Services

The Homeless Hub in Canada has published a newsletter with articles and advice about protecting people who are homeless during health emergencies. Needless to say, it is particularly timely...

COVID-19: What’s Happening With Eviction In America?

What's happening on the eviction front? We sure as heck don't have the resources to contact and compile all the many rapidly changing events around the world. Best we point...

COVID-19: Tenants Face Eviction And Infection

April 1, 2020. In countries with a substantial share of free market rental housing, that is the first day that rent payments are due in the new and unnatural...

CA Landlords: 2 Birds In Hand Worth More Than 1 In COVID-19 Bush

With renters in California, like the rest of North America, facing enormous COVID-19 uncertainty, at least moral assistance has shown up from an unlikely quarter. Landlord groups are advising...

Past Pandemics Have Improved Lives. Can It Happen This Time?

Entire nations that have faced pandemics have momentarily paid a steep price in human lives as well as in social and economic collapse. But these disasters have often provoked...

Homelessness: Nothing To Do With You? COVID-19 Says Otherwise

Concerned public health officials as well as those providing shelter and housing support are scrambling to help protect homeless people from the coronavirus pandemic.Here's just one of many examples,...

COVID-19 And Housing Policy – Looking Ahead In The US

Three researchers have just published an article that proposes changes to housing policy, in light of the COVID-19 epidemic in the US. Ingrid Gould Ellen, Katherine O'Regan and Sophie...

America After COVID-19: Rental Housing Apocalypse For The Poorest?

When America decided to abandon social housing for the nation's low and no income citizens, they overlooked a fatal weakness of their plan to encourage/coerce free market landlords to...
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