Articles discussing models for building and operating housing that is affordable to households with very low or no incomes.

Social Housing Futures Confederation Takes Shape In United Kingdom

For some decades, boots-on-the-ground UK local councils and housing associations have followed orders from national government generals hellbent on creating social housing more efficiently and cheaply by hiring mercenary...

Social Housing Future Challenge: Overcoming Decades Of Management Contempt

With growing numbers of low income residents in North America paying more than half their income in rent, there's a pressing need for scalable housing solutions that do not...

Social Housing Reno: Service To Tenants? Or To Housing Industry?

Local Housing Authorities are finding themselves in almost-impossible situations when it comes to selling long-suffering tenants on the benefits of repairs and renovations. Why are social housing tenants frightened about...

Visionary ‘Green to Last’ For Next Generation Social Housing?

Those who have worked in the business of providing or maintaining social housing inevitably come up against a general public attitude that those in need of public assistance don't deserve...

From Wood To Brick To Wood Again. Could Low Income Housing Come Full Circle?

A pair of photographs reflects a depression-era pattern: tumbledown wooden slums in New Orleans, LA, pictured above, replaced by sturdy brick government-built social housing pictured below. St. Thomas Street, New...

Can Housing Markets Co-exist? 10-Pin For ‘Haves’, Gutterball For ‘Have-Nots’?

In that Great Big 'Bowling For Dollars' Industry that develops and builds housing, it's all just millions of happy families served by an unregulated industry that will build more...

What Is Remunicipalization? What Has It Got To Do With Affordable Housing?

If you're interested in affordable housing, we'd like to 'water' down your experience for a few moments in service of one large word: remunicipalization. (You may need a sip...

Truly Affordable: Time To Stop ‘Tinkering at the Housing Margins’

Two years ago, Homes For All published a report entitled Communities Over Commodities: People-Driven Alternatives to an Unjust Housing System. At the time American politics, particularly at the federal level, battled...
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