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Opaque 'solutions'

Stories about housing strategies that will not help people with very low or no incomes and why such plans won’t help.

When It Comes To Preserving Social Housing, What’s So Bad About RAD?

Historically, the most effective way of creating new social housing has been national government-funded construction upon land removed from the free market. Sustaining that housing has been another saga altogether....

American Public Housing Authorities: Undertakers Or Futurists?

American Public Housing Authorities, form into a great big circle. Now lean forward and pat yourselves on the back. Oh. You're already doing that? What a clever little group of social...

Vancouver B.C. Perfects Affordable Housing Shell Game With A Micro-Pea

Leave it to a city which, by some measures, is the world's least affordable after Hong Kong. Leave what to them? Why, solving an affordable housing crisis without actually creating...

Less Is More: NYCHA Uses HUD Magic Math To Squander Public Housing

The great equalities of the future as described in George Orwell's book 1984 are almost upon us. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. The last is a...

Homeless & Need Housing? Get A List Of Places You Can’t Afford From Your Local Gov

Is homelessness getting your community down? You can stamp your feet, roll your eyes, express disgust, then play the blame game. In America, this technique of getting nowhere fast...

Would A Housing Industry Unchained Be An Emperor Unclothed?

The North American housing industry's current battle cry? Unchain us from pesky regulations, and we'll mass-build nations out of their affordable housing crises. There would appear to be no brakes...

Social Housing Reno: Service To Tenants? Or To Housing Industry?

Local Housing Authorities are finding themselves in almost-impossible situations when it comes to selling long-suffering tenants on the benefits of repairs and renovations. Why are social housing tenants frightened about...

The Mystery Of The Dog That Didn’t Bark — Social Housing

'The dog that didn't bark' is an important clue pointing towards the solution of a famous Sherlock Holmes mystery. Likewise, the 'dog that didn't bark' can be considered a metaphor...

1 Housing Voucher = 1 Social Housing Home. True Equality Or A Macabre Joke?

Housing support voucher programs suffer profoundly in the United States by being unacceptable to many — even most — landlords, whether landlords are legally allowed to ignore them or...

Affordable Housing Christmas In The Long Shadow of Scrooge

Communities across the US are crowding towards the mistletoe for a chilly smooch with uncle HUD,HUD — The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development celebrating the late Christmas...
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