Lloyd George Doesn’t Know My Father. It Shouldn’t Matter

A silly, satirical British song was still sung by drunken rugby players more than forty years after David Lloyd George served as British Prime Minister in World War I...

Green Social Housing: Impossible Dream Or Old News?

One way or another, many feel that social housing is too expensive for America, even as many other nations find ways to utilize this truly affordable form of housing....

Post COVID-19 Twofer? Tackling Unemployment And A Housing Crisis

In North America, the green parties are still a public curiosity rather than the muscular political force that they have become in Europe. In the fiercely two-party United States,...

Colorado Considers Coming Late To The PPP Dance. Should It Bother?

20 years ago, the Colorado Supreme Court decided that classic public private partnership (PPP) 'inclusionary zoning' projects were a form of rent control, expressly forbidden by legislation. This year, housing...

New York City Housing Plan Refocuses Towards ‘True’ Affordability

New York City has broken some important ground with the release of a new report "Housing We Need." The City, at least from a reporting perspective, is apparently no...

L.A. Eminent Domain Fight Exposes Fatal LIHTC Affordable Housing Flaw

The American Federal government's biggest tool for the creation of affordable housing is designed to help developers have their cake and eat it — building subsidies today, and free...

Public Housing Revisited: Just Who Was Disrespecting Who?

How do you rationalize a responsible management position that impacts human lives and health when, thanks to an inadequate budget, you can't do your job either effectively or humanely? If,...

‘Socialist’ An Insult Right Up There With ‘Yr Mother Wears Hockey Socks’

In America, aging red state populists are the last survivors of the good old Cold War days when anybody who was anybody checked daily for Reds under the beds. In...

Speaking The Unspeakable: New Public Housing In L.A.

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