Better Late Than Never? Credit Reporting Public Housing Tenant Rental Data

A recent study commissioned by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) introduces the issue succinctly: "HUD subsidizes the rent of nearly one million very low-income households who...

Australian Researchers Call For Social Housing To End Homelessness

In a recent report from Australia, researchers studied the assistance that is offered to people who are homeless and living with a mental illness. The report recommends changes to...

Finding The Path To Belonging

Researchers based at Calgary's Elizabeth Fry Society have completed a report about how indigenous elders and knowledge keepers help people to forge paths to leave homelessness. The report focusses...

How Screwed Are You, Young Adults? The New Statesman Has The Stats

In the 1970's, 2/3 of Britain's renting population lived in social housing. Not surprising then, that this form rent geared to income living particularly suited young people. Low rent...

Is Waiting 1.5 Centuries For Social Housing Good For UK Business?

Business-friendly governments in both the United Kingdom and America cling stubbornly to the notion that mixed income housing developments can build enough truly affordable housing to ease national housing...

Indigenous Women’s Report About Housing Conditions In Canada

The Native Women’s Association of Canada recently issued a research report about the current housing conditions of indigenous women in Canada. Individual communities may declare a state of emergency...

City NYCHA Dependence Highlights Fundamental LIHTC Weakness

One less-than-obvious but by no means less-than-important takeaway comes from a New York City report on Homelessness just released. That is the inherent weakness of Low Income Housing Tax...

Co-Living: It Can’t Be All Bad, Can It?

This is for those who have never been a starving student sharing a home space with one or more 'might-one-day-be-friends', but not if they carry on the same way. This...

Choices For Indigenous Women Seeking Safety In Remote Communities?

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has recently published a report about intimate partner violence in remote communities. The report reviews existing academic research and arranges it thematically.The themes...
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