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Issues concerning the utilization of private housing to expand rental opportunities

Developer Wit Dream: Save The Planet By Killing Zoning. Good Joke!

Zoning laws were developed to prevent anybody, including builders, from building just anything anywhere. Reasonable enough to prevent housing next to health-endangering industry, and to build buildings to basic...

Landlords Vs. Climate Change: How Will Renters Weather The Clash?

Australia already appears to be suffering from the dramatic and devastating effects of climate change while being led, like America, by a government that refuses to see any sign...

US Housing Vouchers Don’t Work. Time To Turn Back the Clock For A Better Idea?

The following article begins with a personal adventure in attempting to utilize a Housing Choice (Section 8) voucher in order to rent an apartment. These vouchers were created in...

The Ownership Housing Ladder: For Growing Numbers, A Stairway To Nowhere Desirable

Two important factors are gradually swinging the attention of house builders in a number of countries away from the 'National Dream' of home ownership — a mantra that has...

Housing Has Always Been A Commodity, So What’s The Big New Deal?

Currently there's a great deal of hand-wringing about the 'commodification' of housing, in particular its link to exploding housing prices and to blossoming housing crises everywhere. Some go so...

Faceless Behind A Mask: A Nation’s Landlords Dodge Responsibility

The Mask? A U.S. legal entity called a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) is becoming a favourite tool of slum landlords. LLC laws prevents the owners from being sued over...

Permanently Temporary: Sure Sign That Homelessness Solutions Are Becoming Part Of The Problem

Cities in more advanced countries have made do for decades with handfuls of emergency shelters for the homeless, their number expanding in the winters of harsher climates. In many...

Hoping To Find Housing Rental or Purchase Relief In The ‘Hood?’ Think Again

Is that fixer-upper in a depressed city area your only hope for climbing onto the housing ladder? A recent New York Times article explores the stacked deck that faces...

Build Build Build: Never Mind The People

Just recently, the Business Roundtable, a group of very large companies called a press conference. The purpose? Why, to say that in addition to being about shareholder profits, business...

Critics Slam All Affordable Housing Solutions. Time For Critics-Be-Damned Experiments?

This article does not reflect upon many interesting facets of London's newly proposed rent controls for the UK's largest city. Instead, we'd like to comment on the meat of a...

UK View: Unreasonable Rent? That’s Private Taxation!

In feudal times, land lords laid down the law of the land, or at least the law pertaining to their patch of the land. If they decreed their tenants...

Affordable Housing Massaged By Technology: Benefits? Or Techno-nerd Hype?

Can government or charitable grants and subsidies fuel a housing revolution and overcome today's affordability crisis? If so, it's sure not happening yet, if ever. Alternatives? Turns out they're popping...

Free Market Affordable Housing: A Unicorn? IKEA & Padsplit Don’t Think So

In no small part, affordable housing is a victim of housing industry propaganda, not actual facts. The housing industry, by and large, sings a two-note song. The high note: luxury...

South Bend Inconvenient Truth: More ‘Red Tape’, Not Less, For Affordable Housing

Our headline misuses the term 'red tape.' That usage falls in line with the way affordable housing interest groups such as the homebuilding industry are complaining about 'red tape.'...

Scams Can Make Swiss Cheese Out Of Affordable Rent Protections

The affordable housing crisis is creating a new class of perpetual middle-income home ownership hopefuls. They'd love to own a home, but year after year, the possibility of doing...

Public Housing Tenants, Private Landlords, HUD: A Circular Firing Squad Shooting Blanks?

Before World War II, America never had the political will to allow low-income employed persons to live in public housing. Unfortunately, by immediately turfing newly employed wage-earners out, the federal...

Landlord By Name, Scorpion By Nature?

The parable of the scorpion and the frog — amended (or possibly amuddled) "Please carry me across the river on your back Mr. Tenant," said the Landlord. "Oh no! You will...

Rent-To-Own And Housing Affordability: Just Who Profits?

Depending on the city you live in, affordable rental housing can be difficult to find, let alone 'rent to own' housing. However, any housing wrinkle may be worth a...

Vancouver Students Go Luxury To Beat The Affordable Housing Blues

The housing industry in North America has been reminding us ad nauseam for the past few years that it can't afford to build affordable housing.The American Housing Industry’s Addiction...

Are Big Landlords Bad For Affordable Renting? Berlin Thinks They Might Be.

In Germany's largest city, unaffordable rents made an appearance on the international affordable housing stage in 2018, thanks to activists who were arrested for occupying a Berlin building to...

The Housing Undevelopment Department? How Rhode Island Helps HUD Devalue Section 8 Vouchers.

A recent report from SouthCoast Fair Housing indicates that a Rhode Island resident who actually manages to obtain a Section 8 voucher will be shut out of 93% of...

For Rent: The American Dream

No surprise, really, that the American Dream of single family home ownership in a nice neighbourhood has always been for rent (minus the ownership portion, of course). Homeowners can carelessly...

After Stringent Housing Choice Voucher Testing: Jury Still Out on Racial Discrimination

An accepted weakness of the American Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program is that it perpetuates poverty-stricken neighbourhoods with substandard schools, lacking local transportation and other social opportunities. Even without...

Increasing Housing Affordability: Unlocking The ‘Empty Homes’ Puzzle

A number of factors have been blamed for increasingly unaffordable city homes. One black sheep gaining considerable city attention worldwide is the use of housing exclusively as short term...
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