Much Ado About Nothing? Nowheresville Tourism Hurting Affordable Housing

Famous city tourism is running amok. Here are a couple of entertaining(?) stories about the plague of tourists overrunning famous places. You might try in the BBC: The Top...

STR Invasion: There’s Nothing To See Here . . . Please Disperse!

The movie Naked Gun created an absurdist meme with a huge, affectionate following: 'Nothing to see here, please disperse': a bland statement delivered in foreground while in background burns an...

“I Felt Like A Criminal,” Says Airbnb Client. Sympathy For The Devil?

For anyone involved in the hunt for affordable housing, it's hard to work up tears for short term rental (STR) clients forced to skulk around pretending to be long-lost...

Touristy Bar Harbor Struggles To Balance Affordable Housing With STRs

Does a tourist town need affordable accommodations for citizens and seasonal workers? Or does it need STRs (Short Term Rentals) to attract tourists? For towns and cities like Bar...

Is Airbnb Jacking Up Your Own Rent?

So you don't really care that Airbnb and similar online room and apartment booking agencies are putting strangers in your apartment building, giving your neighbour a few extra bucks. But...

Airbnb Overstays Its Short Term Rental

Possession of a home has long been associated with a range of rights. An owner may live in it, lease it, rent it, sell it, give it away. In...

NYC Comptroller’s Analysis Puts a Dollar Figure On Airbnb Damage To Affordability

SRT (Short Term Rental) advocates — particularly renters themselves — are quick to dismiss suggestions that Airbnb and other SRT agencies have an impact on a community's long term...

Short Term Rentals Bite Affordable Housing. Or Perhaps They Don’t.

Same day in the news, two views from two countries: Anne-of Green-Gables-Land takes on the Big Easy. The economies of both Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, and New Orleans, Louisiana get...

Increasing Housing Affordability: Unlocking The ‘Empty Homes’ Puzzle

A number of factors have been blamed for increasingly unaffordable city homes. One black sheep gaining considerable city attention worldwide is the use of housing exclusively as short term...
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