Individual Resilience

Stories about individual resilience when an illness or vehicle breakdown dismantles the personal web of life.

Between A Rock And A Hard Place: Remembering People Who Are Homeless

There is new memorial in Kitchener, Ontario. It's not for a statesman or a celebrity. It's to remember and honour people who experience homelessness. At the dedication ceremony, one...

Cozy Canada Missed 2008 Wake Up Call, Now Faces Housing Bubble Bath

2008 US/World Housing Crisis and beyond. What? Us Canucks Worry? No need. We were proud of our doughty bank system that rode out the storm without risky mortgage investment holdings...

Resilience: What Is It? What’s It Got To Do With Affordable Housing?

Resilience is a measure of how well a crisis, calamity, or catastrophe can be withstood. As the term is used in this blog, it comes in two flavours. Community resilience...

The Stubbornly High Number Of American Women In Jail: Is Eviction A Factor?

It seems that the lucrative harvest of quasi-felons that enriches the American jailing industry is growing disproportionately female. Further, the lack of affordable housing may play a significant role...

Decline Of Business Resilience Linked To Lack Of Truly Affordable Housing

Resilience is an important survival mechanism for individuals and families. Resilience usually implies not just enough to survive, but more than enough. When it comes to maintaining a roof...
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