Flicking A Broken Switch to Turn Off US Public Housing? Doesn’t Work

Much of what affordablehousingaction.org publishes about social/public/council housing could in the US be considered palliative care for a dying industry and its long-suffering tenants. American public housing has been...

Housing Just Gets More Expensive For Low Income Renters

Apartment List, a private sector web-based rental housing listing service in the United States, has just released its report tracking trends in income and housing costs from 2008 to...

Back To The Future: CMHC’s Award Winning Floor Plans For Small Houses

February 1, 2019. Homes for Canadians. The Canadian Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) 'THERE has long been an urgent demand in Canada for new, attractive designs of low or moderate-cost...

A Constitutional Barrier To Public Housing Approvals In California

Institutional racism at the highest level is not at all distant in America's past. Earlier this month (February 2019) Virginia's governor admitted to a youthful yearbook appearance in blackface....

National Irish Success At Building Social Housing Matched With History Middle Class Housing Support

The government in the Republic of Ireland will shortly unveil new plans for affordable housing. While waiting, The Irish Times offers a review of the state's role in housing over...

Need Affordable Housing? What ‘Big Government’ Could Do For You.

Way back when, remember Big Government? Oh. You think Big Government is still with us, a bloated zombie from a failed twentieth century socialist experiment, still hard at work draining tax...

Helping To Repeat UK History: Meet MAIDIC

MAIDIC came into being in 1841 to build affordable housing for the working classes. By 1900 it owned and rented more than 6000 dwellings in the London, England area....

Social Housing In Britain: History

A nice little easy-read history of Social Housing in Britain from the BBC: A history of social housing
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