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Issues and events related to the physical relationships of such important connections as internet and transportation to affordable housing

DIY Broadband Levels Essential Internet Playing Field For Have-Nots

Here's a good news story emerging from the shadows of those giant, hard-nosed internet providers determined to soak everybody to the max for their internet access. If that characterization...

Toronto Smart City: So Far Google-Linked Proposal Has Folks Over-Worried, Under-Impressed

Sidewalk Labs' wordy, glossy, fluffy proposal for a neighbourhood development project in partnership with Waterfront Toronto

K-W Housing: Is Affordability-By-Transit Dream Dying A Gentrification Nightmare?

Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario is one of those inconvenient urban regions that glommed together without giving up its original city names, leading typists to cry out for an abbreviation. K-W is...

It’s Alive! Toronto Smart Neighbourhood Horror Sparks Lawsuit                      ...

Remember why you left that small town? Where secrets about you were whispered behind your back because all your neighbours knew everything about you? Okay, you may not remember that...

Honey, I’m Back! Densified Kiss-And-Ride California Transit Nodes Return From The Dead

The idea of allowing high density zoning near California transit hubs gained steam earlier in 2018, when Bill SB 827 was introduced in the Sacramento Legislature. Beyond measures to...

Affordable Housing Essentials: Internet As A Public Utility? Who Benefits?

The 'internet divide' describes unequal internet access: those who have high speed broadband internet in their home on one side and those who don't on the other. It divides...

Step 1: Place Affordable Homes On The Right Side Of The Digital Divide. Step 2? Yes, There Is A...

It is becoming well understood that access to inexpensive broadband internet is a basic requirement for a modern home. Society is long past 'let the poor eat dial-up internet,'...

Every Home Needs . . . The Internet?

We have a 'next on the list of things we never get to' item at affordablehousingaction.org.  It is a useful definition of 'affordable housing'. This isn't going to be it. 'Affordable...

California Dreaming? Europe’s Mature Rail Networks Spread Unaffordability, Not Affordability.

In California, 2018 has seen the rise and fall of an affordable housing initiative located next to transit nodes where higher density affordable housing could be enshrined. Lower wage...

ADU’s+Tiny Homes+Mentors For Ex-Offenders? It Beats A Suicide Watch!

Beginning on a sobering note, A recent British study outlined the dismally low percentage of success in finding housing for those newly released from the prison system. The most...

The Repeal Of Net Neutrality: Communications Disaster Or Potential Benefit For Affordable Housing?

America's repeal of net neutrality has been greeted by much handwringing, and the spectre of giant telecom companies upping prices and limiting options for customers. But there is another way...

Low Income Housing Must Be Designed Not Only For Economy, But For Human Dignity: Los Angeles Architects

In a Los Angeles region of ten million people, homelessness increased substantially in 2015 to top 47,000 people. Recognizing that housing for people experiencing homelessness is a major architectural...
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