Stop OZ Fantasies. Replace Yellow Brick Road With Equitable Housing Infrastructure

The Wizard of Oz musical was short on housing details, but long on vital housing infrastructure. The yellow brick road carried everyone from their dwelling (admittedly not highly featured in...

North York, ON: Intersecting Crises And The Parking Lot Conundrum

A local government is responsible to its citizens for carefully weighing important decisions. It therefore cannot be expected to respond rapidly to the changing nature of some crises it...

Affordable Housing Details You Might Not Have Considered: The Bay Area’s ‘Pay By Distance’

Affordable housing is not just a collection of construction material and land costs. It's a purse that must stretch to cover a rental or purchase . . . after...

Toronto: Big City Navel-Gazing Distracts From Affordable Housing Reality

If you live in or around Toronto, the classic signs of a vibrant, expanding downtown core are everywhere: the condo tower boom with its thicket of cranes rising high...

California Learn From Malaysia? When It Comes to Affordable Transit Nodes, Maybe.

California's progressive drive to encourage affordable housing around transit hubs came off the rails in the Sacramento State Legislature earlier this year. Proponents of the concept, undaunted, are rallying...

California Dreaming? Europe’s Mature Rail Networks Spread Unaffordability, Not Affordability.

In California, 2018 has seen the rise and fall of an affordable housing initiative located next to transit nodes where higher density affordable housing could be enshrined. Lower wage...

Sydney, Australia, Wants Affordable Housing Cake While Eating It

In an era when a global housing crisis demands leadership from national government, it seems reasonable to expect that local government would be one hundred and ten percent onside,...

Seattle: Transit Supports Housing Affordability

Seattle's Sound Transit have unveiled a plan they were required to develop by the state legislature. The agency will set aside 80% of any surplus station land for affordable...

California Transit-Linked Affordable Housing Future Muddied By Squabbling Progressives

In California, there is currently a vision of affordable housing hubs linked by transit to urban centres. This interconnected system would providing reasonable rents and ready access to job...

Bay Area Rapid Transit Links Affordable Housing With Transit

In contrast to the San Francisco's Bay area, the photo above reflects a fairly common sight in Toronto, where mid-rise market value condo developments sit beside and over transit right-of ways...
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