UK Builders See Brownfields, Self-Build, High Rise Affordable Opportunities

Influenced perhaps by its physical location in North America, finds itself in constant pushback against a simple-minded housing industry view: if governments would only eliminate regulations, builders would...

Cleaning Up Chicago By Smothering Violence With Affordable Housing

An affordable home would seem on the surface to be an unusual weapon with which to face a violent gun battle with a neighbourhood gang. Unusual? How about bonkers! And...

Sidewalk Labs Presses ‘Affordable’ Button To Scam Cash For Toronto Smart City

These days, any luxury mega-project worth its salt is bound to lightly lard its housing components with 'affordability.' Sidewalk LabsSidewalk Labs is a subsidiary of Alphabet, which is also...

A Green Future With Housing For All? Of Course It Can Be Done. But It May Take Baby Steps

A fear looming ever bigger and nastier on the horizon is the possibility that affordable housing demands will clash head on with steps necessary to prevent an environmental catastrophe...

Google Attacks! Another Toronto War-Of-The-Worlds Horror Scenario

After celebrating half a century of stumble and bumble-style planning, Waterfront Toronto stares down an accusing barrier palisade of towering residential high-rises that separates the city from its harbour. After...

Brownfields: What Are They? What Can They Offer Affordable Housing?

A recent UK article calls out the housing industry for its antipathy towards brownfield housing development. What is a 'brownfield' development, as opposed to a 'greenfield' one? Brownfield is the name...

Social Housing At War With Private/ ‘Affordable’: A View From Trenches

The Battle of social housing is all but lost in North America. One by one the remaining project towers fall, ill-advised 'socialist' political tendencies sharing the blame with drug-addicted,...

Affordable Home Owners And Renters: Are They the Beating Heart Of A Successful Urban Neighbourhood?

There is some evidence that NIMBYism which is practiced towards people (rather than pig farms or railways) is for the most part targeting exactly the wrong population. Upscale NIMBYites...
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