Calling All American Housing ‘Entities:’ Affordable Housing Challenge With Important Payoff

Entites? Whether you belong to a for-profit, non-profit, or a TDHETDHE — Tribally Designated Housing Entity entity, two other corporate 'entities' have an affordable housing challenge for your consideration. Wells...

2019: The Year Of Housing In Abundance?

Groan. Mutter. Snarl. Pardon us while we work up a mad-on at the headline of an article from Sightline: "2019: THE YEAR ABUNDANT HOUSING TURNED THE CORNER" Surely Sightline means:...

Pittsburgh Plays God With Poor Folks. Feds and State Leave Them No Choice.

A slightly more fast and loose post, ranting completely understated

If At First You Don’t Succeed . . .NY Affordable Mega-Project 70 Years In The Making

The saga of Essex Crossing began in the 1950's with the demolition of some of New York's historic gateway slums — the squalid welcome to America for waves of...

Protecting Vancouver’s Affordable Renting: Some Alternatives

Two important factors are influencing rental housing in cities across North America. The 'millennial' age group is now facing the lifetime challenge of finding employment and shelter. The average millennial...

NYC Mission Impossible? PPP That Builds True Affordable Housing. . . In Volume

Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) have been a darling of neo-conservative 'leave it to the private sector,' thinking. Alas, when it comes to affordable housing in mixed income projects, they've...

Capitalists Can’t Afford To Care. Boston Wants More Housing Controlled By Those Who Do

Capitalist democracies are committed to the right of all to speculate in a free housing market. But profit-taking is currently driving up housing prices beyond the reach of growing...

Affordable Teaching, Unaffordable Learning

Assisting teachers into affordable housing has been considered a necessity for San Mateo Community Colleges in San Mateo, California. But these institutions are becoming aware of a small catch...

Get Involved, Dirtbags! Guru-some Housing Advice From The Top of A Mountain

They are feckless, hedonistic, snow worshippers. Sunburned party animals with brains as empty as the back country they inhabit. Okay, so they have nice thighs and calves. Otherwise, who...

Can Boom Mean Bust For Affordable Housing? Ask Tassie.

With the Tasmanian economy outstripping mainland Australian states, opportunities are being crippled by the lack of affordable housing. The jobs are there, but the housing isn't. Education finds itself in...
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