Welcome To A Magical Orlando Experience: For You, But Not Theme Park Workers

The tourist industry is vital to the economies of many countries. Orlando, Florida is one of those places in the U.S. However delightful it can be for visitors, working...

Guardian Public Service Awards: Good Housing News From A Great Paper

Before getting into The Guardian Housing and Public Service Awards, an affordablehousingaction.org Top Affordable Housing Newspaper award to The Guardian itself. The Guardian is right up there in quality with the top handful...

An Affordable Pox On All Your Tech Industry Charitable Housing

The headline seems a little churlish, doesn't it? Sneering at charitable contributions? We thought so. And yet it forms the core of a similar headline from the electronic publication:...

The Cost Burden Of Pursuing Distant Opportunity: Unaffordable Housing

Getting on the success bandwagon by upping stakes and moving to a new location has always been pricy. Whether it's anecdotal history from the gold rush, or more recent...

New Zealand Employee Affordable Housing Supplied By An Unusual Company Town

Company towns have a special relationship with their citizens. They are usually, though not always, born out of necessity: their remote location. Why create a town in the middle of...

Ungood: Looking Back At The Future Of California’s ‘1984’ Dormitory Life

George Orwell's novel, 1984, was published in 1949. It defined a category of science fiction which is today called 'dystopian' — the very opposite of life in some rosy future...

Pirates, Cluster Housing and Affordable Shotgun Shacks In The Deep South

An engaging personal journey into the American South touches upon the swashbuckling origins of a kind of deeply affordable housing. The author ponders whether 'Shotgun Shacks,' as they were...

New York Jobs/Homes Stats Vindicate Telenovela Villain/Amazon Slayer AOC

A fair and more balanced rendition of the headline of this article should really be "New York Jobs/Homes Stats Vindicate Telenovela Villain/Amazon Slayer AOCIf you are American and do...

Toronto: Pick Me-Me-Me! Rejected Amazon Headquarters Wannabe Bends Over Eagerly

With New York City defector Amazon's negative-1% income tax paid (rebate, in other words) on $5.6 billion profit Amazon will pay $0 in federal income taxes for the second year...

Right End Of The Stick? Buckhead Thinks Affordable Housing Solves Traffic, Not Causes It

In the gentrified Atlanta, Georgia neighbourhood of Buckhead, intrepid urban voyageurs are proposing to paddle upstream against conventional traffic attitudes. For most neighbourhoods suspiciously eyeing housing development projects, traffic congestion...

Collingwood Plans Dorms For The Bums In The New Wilderness: Unaffordability

Industry operating in remote communities inevitably take responsibility for providing employee accommodation. But in tourist towns of Southern Georgian Bay? Really? The sad truth is that affordable housing is in...

The ‘Workforce’ Housing Demand: Could It Be A Miscalculation As Well As A Slap In The Face?

The American housing industry, acting without doubt in enlightened self-interest, promotes the most profitable thing that you can be enticed to demand, so that they can supply it. Enter 'workforce'...

With A Steeper Road To Climb, Africa Wants And Needs Affordable Housing, Too.

We'll get to this story by way of an apology. Affordablehousingaction.org is a western society-based blog. It posts contributions to solving the affordable housing crisis from around the world,...

Low Wage-Paying Industries Face Do-It-Yourself Affordable Housing

Once merely a necessity for worker intensive rural farming operations and remote holiday resorts, staff housing is creeping into into communities where staff cannot afford the rents. For those employees...

Affordable Housing + Jobs + Greenspace: Buffalo Builds The Bailey Green Project

These days, adding affordable housing to a city is challenge enough without adding permanent jobs as part of the same project. With it’s Bailey Green Project, Buffalo, New York...
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