Gentrification of inner cities is in many cases destroying entire neighbourhoods of affordable housing. Market rate gentrification is extending inner city unaffordability from the neediest classes into the middle class

Gary, Indiana Turns Out Public Housing Lights, Prays For Landlord Candles

U.S. President George H.W. Bush's description of charities as "a thousand tiny points of light" has taken a rightful place in history and literature as a truly hopeful and...

Habitat for Humanity Middle Class Follies: None Too Impressive?

Housing For Humanity: a world-beating affordable housing charity now approaching middle age, which is no longer able capable of keeping up with the changing times? We certainly hope not. But...

K-W Housing: Is Affordability-By-Transit Dream Dying A Gentrification Nightmare?

Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario is one of those inconvenient urban regions that glommed together without giving up its original city names, leading typists to cry out for an abbreviation. K-W is...

Gentrification Without Gentry. Can It Happen?

Consistent, excellent writing doesn't come cheap, which is why many major news organizations have paywalls. Alas, in our pursuit of thought-provoking articles about affordable housing, we inevitably bump into...

Charlotte Fixed Income Homeowners: Kneecapped By Rising Property Values?

So you own a home, it's partly or fully paid off, and its value is rising. Should you feel more secure in your newfound wealth? House proud, and comfortable enough...

Drowned Cities of Tomorrow: Affordable Housing Crisis, Or Relocation Crisis?

An article on Miami affordable housing in the Huffington Post has a patently absurd title suggesting that only the wealthy can withstand the onslaught of climate change. Do Huffington Post reporters...

New American Tax Law: Helping Poor Communities? Or Helping Gentrify Poor Communities?

It's a little unnerving to hear that investors are absolutely racing to capitalize on a new tax law billed as a benefit for poor communities in the United States....

‘Affordable’ Expiry Dates: The Ticking Time Bomb Under US Affordable Homes

"Public-private partnerships can build American affordable housing more cheaply and more effectively than the failed 3/4 century experiment in public housing." Is it possible that the above premise was on...

Gentrification: What is it? How Does It Contribute to the Affordable Housing Crisis?

Gentrification is a disease of affordable housing neighbourhoods. It has come about by a change in that great middle class 'home ownership dream' promoted by banks and developers who profit...

Arts Platform Aims To Curb Gentrification

Groundstory began tackling the precarious work and housing situations faced by the arts community in Ontario in 2017. Groundstory is billed as a collective action of the arts that aims...

Major California Housing Bill Dies In First Committee Hearing

California, liberal as it may be, is ground zero for activist NIMBYites. They have made it difficult or impossible for communities to make progress in the face of both...

Tens of Thousands Stew In Sydney Affordable Housing Queue While Governments Squabble by Tens

In 2014, when the Australian government sold 293 properties of public housing in Sydney’s harbour area, it promised to build 1,500 new affordable housing units. At the time, there...

Renewal Without Gentrification? Yes, It Can Be Done.

American cities have paid a high price for their blinkered vision over the last few decades. Most have been able to pursue significant urban renewal. But they have seen...

Why Urban Renewal Vision Needs Bifocals

Focusing on progress and urban renewal is vital for the ever-changing nature of a city. Yesterday's housing, retail, business and industrial needs have given momentary shape to a dynamic...

Housing Justice Conference Faults ‘Back Door Gentrification’ & University Complicity

A Charlottesville, Virginia Housing Justice Conference identified two indirect but still concerning problems which were driving up housing prices, and driving out seniors of color, including those who own...

Can Slow and Steady Win The Affordable Housing Race?

Some American urban regions have been slow to rejuvenate. Cities like Buffalo, Baltimore and Detroit have lagged behind the pack, apparently missing the spark needed to ignite a reinvigorated,...

When Lack of Affordable Housing For Others Becomes A Health Problem For You

In charming holidayland, a perfect storm of vacation homes, tourist rentals and every other kind of housing demand pushes house prices through the roof. So now coffee shop baristas...

City Planners Who Listen To People: Do They Exist?

It's all the rage to consult with the community to determine its wants and needs. Cynics might say that community administrations save money by always consulting, seldom acting. However, there...

Slum Or Affordable Housing Resource? Two Lenses View An Inner City

More and more growing cities are facing an affordable housing crisis brought on by gentrification — accommodating their population expansion by renovating or replacing poorer quality urban houses. The...

The Urban Living Dream? Gentrification! Too Bad You Can’t Afford It.

America's inner cities are awash in acres upon acres of blighted, if affordable, housing. The solution? Gentrification. In some cities, young professionals are discovering that gentrification has created an upscale...
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