Community Land Bank + Community Land Trust = Affordable Housing

Community Land Banks, under one name or another, have been around pretty much since the dawn of cities. They are the result of communities, through one means or another, acquiring...

One Way To Beat The Heat In A Hot Housing Market: A Community Land Trust

America is a land with no constitutional right to housing, but a pressing need for it, nonetheless. What is a house? With no constitutional definition, it's becoming ominously clear that...

20-20-20 Vision: Screw The Carrot. Montreal Brings The Stick To Affordable Housing.

Forget tempting financial carrots to coax developers into supporting affordable housing. Montreal, Quebec is planning to bring the big stick to multiple housing developments in the city. Incumbent mayor Mayor...

Paid Up Home In 3, Not 30, Years? How Does A Co-op Trailer Park Sound?

Public funding, foundation grants, sweat equity, donated land, land trusts, all these and more play a part these days in attempts to piece together affordable housing projects aimed at...

Can We Say Too Much About Community Land Trusts for Affordable Housing?

Actually, we don't really feel we can say too much about the potential of Community Land trusts. Just at the moment, virtually all national governments around the world seem far...

Austin’s Push Towards Land Trusts: Encouraging Sign Of The Times

In a reflection of the rapidly worsening national affordable housing crisis, city councils across America are scrambling to put together strategic plans for coping. What follows is an article highlighting...

How To Stop The Insane Upward Spiral Of Land Value? Affordable Housing Turns To Land Trusts

Stop the land price merry-go-round! Investors certainly want to get on it, but those in need of affordable housing very much want to get off. Land trusts are one way of...

Aussies Target All Income Levels In Build-to-Rent Project Planted On A Land Trust

Tax credit and subsidized affordable housing projects need not be be solely based upon an ownership model. However, it seems that many developers would much prefer to avoid build-to-rent...

How Library Systems Can Help Address Affordable Housing Crises

Increasing density seems the only option for building affordable housing in the downtown core of many cities. Even smaller homes in higher towers may only temporarily be affordable, if...

United Kingdom Civic Housebuilding – History Shows How To Build

Shelter, a UK based charity, published New Civic Housebuilding 2017 to present an approach to building affordable housing using strategies used successfully in the past. The report argues that developing...

A Non-Profit Develops City Owned Land: Good News For Affordable Housing?

Imagine an NGO lifeboat offering to rescue Toronto and Vancouver, bringing news that they can help build the affordable housing that they so desperately need. The key is the land...

Miami Wants To Lead A National Parade Towards Affordable Housing Land Trusts

How do you stop land and housing speculation in a democratic country committed to accumulating individual wealth through housing investment? Faced with skyrocketing real estate prices, inflated further by foreign...

Downsizing (Or Should It Be ‘Resizing’?) The American Dream

The postwar housing boom that brought Norman Rockwell's idealized America to a ring of suburbs around every North American city was not built upon 2000-3000 sq ft. ranch houses...

Four Kinds Of Affordable Housing That Can Work In A Democracy

Social housing has been largely abandoned by democracy. Or at least by those democracies that have participated most fervently in the East-West Cold War, where socialism became viewed in...

An American Godfather Of Affordable Home Ownership On Public Land

Thousands of homeowners have purchased affordable homes in Burlington, Vermont, beginning in the 1980's when senator and presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders — then mayor of Burlington — introduced a land...
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