Traditional Solutions

Explores the expansion of affordable living space within traditional and innovative spaces, from rooming houses, ADU’s, SRO’s, granny suites and backyard cottages to such as tiny homes perched over parking lots

Ventura County Swims Against Zoning Tide To Protect Trailer Parks

From California comes word of more, not less, zoning restriction. That's rare good news for existing affordable housing in America's rapidly-declining stock of trailer parks. Governments from the feds (think...

‘Grannie Flat’ Boomlet Is About Affordable Housing And . . . Grannies!

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are separate living suites within a principal residence, or standing alone somewhere on the property of that residence. A recent report from California has suggested...

Tradition Beats Techno-Solutions In California Fight To Build Affordable Housing

Big families were once a big tradition in the now-developed world. There was good reason for Mom and Pop to have them. Who but their surviving children would look...

ADU’s: What Are They? What Are Their Strengths For Affordable Housing?

ADU is the short form for Accessory Dwelling Unit. They are also known as second suites, secondary rental units, grannie flats, in-law flats, accessory apartments and probably many more...

Are Mixed Uses Nashville’s Affordable Housing Future? Major League Soccer Is Beginning To Think So.

Zoning has weaknesses. It is exclusionary in nature, making it easy to divide one kind of neighborhood from another. That can lead to 'all or nothing' controversies like the...

“Manufactured” Homes: Inexpensive False Hope For Affordable Home Ownership?

With the prefabricated housing offering affordable housing possibilities worldwide, it's hardly surprising that 'mobile home parks', 'caravan parks', 'trailer parks' and similar solutions are being repackaged as 'manufactured home...

Welcome Back Granny Flats! (ADU’s To You, Too)

Private enterprise has had a long history of efficiently accommodating the public need for accommodation. But, thanks to the ever-stretching long arm of NIMBYism (read this New York Times article:...

Need Affordable Housing? Don’t Look To Supply And Demand For Deliverance!

Conservative thinkers who place their trust in the economic theory of 'supply and demand' believe that affordable housing will be delivered as and where needed by the unrestricted operation...

New Haven: Will SROs Succumb To Gentrification?

From the perspective of a global and national affordable housing crisis, its difficult to avoid shaking the head in disbelief at the sight of a city, blessed with a...

In Chicago, Affordable SROs Dwindle. A City Ordinance Can’t Stop The Bleeding.

Rooming Houses and Single Room Occupancy Hotels (SROs) just don't get the respect they deserve as affordable housing. Even though Chicago passed a city ordinance requiring sellers of SROs to...

Forward To The Past. Unaffordable Homes Push Salford Towards Council Housing.

What happens when the brave new affordable world of public/private partnerships meets only half the annual demand for affordable housing? What happens? It's obvious. The demand for affordable housing just...

Rooming Houses: Yesterday’s Blight? Or Tomorrow’s Housing Solution?

Rooming Houses have inherited the prejudices of another era. Low rent, low class, catering to single, rootless, "ne're-do-wells", a festering sore on the backside of any upright community. But do...
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