Myth-Busting: What Makes You Think Tiny Homes Will Be Affordable?

North America is a land of large housing lots. Not surprising therefore that their potential for doubling density causes affordable housing activists to pump their fists in the air...

Gentrification Whack-A-Mole: Now It’s Popped Up In The Suburbs!

First there were the middle class inner city suburbs, which slowly degenerated into near-downtown depressed areas as wealthier folks moved to one acre lots in the further suburbs, until...

Affordable Housing Wars: True ‘YIMBY’ Can Outflank NIMBY

By all means, let's hear it for true YIMBY. Hold that thought. We'll be coming back to it. True YIMBY? Does that mean there's a fake YIMBY? Of course there...

Gentrification Has Killed Shared Housing. Affordability May Bring it Back, Complete With Benefits

In Toronto, Ontario, shared housing hangs on stubbornly, like weeds in a well-kept lawn. Rooming houses, boarding houses, single room occupancy hotels and other forms of shared accommodation are...

Aging Empty Nester? Size-Small Family In A Size-Large House? You May Have To Get Used To It!

A growing dilemma in Cincinnati: older residents who have always planned to sell up their unnecessarily large and unmanageable houses in order to downsize into a retirement home. However,...

In America, Poverty Is Migrating. Supporters And Advocates Are Getting Left Behind.

Urban renewal is evicting the poor from North American inner cities. More and more affordable inner city housing has been torn down to make way for new and unaffordable...
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