Seattle Does The Section 8 Two-Step: A Vastly Improved Housing Voucher Plan

The fundamental nature of the world's most successful homeless-to-housing program is embodied in its name: Housing First. First implies that there is at least a second step. And housing is...

Manitoba Looks To Plow Affordable Housing Furrow With Tractors That Don’t Pull

You gets what you pays for, we guess. The Canadian province of Manitoba has apparently been snoozing through three decades of feeble Thatcherite Public Private Partnership (PPP) experiments in...

Connecting The Housing And Health Dots

Health researchers Diana Hernandez and Carolyn Swope from Columbia University have recently published two important articles that connect housing with health. We have much more access to information about health...

Can Collaboration Make A Difference In Affordable Housing Policy?

In 2016, when the government of Canada decided to re-frame its role in affordable housing, it sought advice from the public. The National Housing Collaborative (the Collaborative) was formed...

Persistence, Not Perfection, Plucks Homeless From Atlanta Streets

For Atlanta, Georgia's homeless population, persistence has paid off. The city lays no claim to a magic formula for getting people out of the streets and into homes. Other...

Is Government, Not Free Enterprise, The Engine Of Innovation?

Could the solution to the world's collection of increasingly serious affordable housing crises find a solution in the risky, adventurous initiatives of your everyday garden variety government? The free-enterprise promoted...

Public Housing Residents Want It Just As It Is, Not ‘Improved’ By Developer

In the face of anti-council housing attitudes and 'private enterprise does it better' hollow promises, residents of a London council housing estate have long been under threat of eviction...

America, Too, Please Note: London UK Mayor On the Value of Public Housing

The Mayor of London is himself an example of the benefits of public housing, largely abandoned as unworkable in America. He grew up in one, takes pride in the...

Will Award Make UK Social Housing Tenants House Proud?

Some council house tenants in Norwich, UK, recently woke to discover they are living in homes with award-winning style. We're not talking about 'top of this year's public housing,'...

Homelessness: Why Does Research Matter?

Dr. Bernie Pauly and colleagues at the University of Victoria in British Columbia have published a highly readable paper about research methods in homelessness programs. In it, they talk...
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