Boston Supports Affordable Housing Access By Supporting Affordable Food

man standing at entrance to corner grocery store, circa 1950s
Boston plans to breathe new life into corner stores like these to make it easier for people with very low incomes to buy nutritious food.

The necessities of life come in silos.  A buyer of accommodation cannot expect to find a juicy bargain in the auto parts market. Even the poorest must compete for their necessities by trading in no less than three silos: shelter, water and food.

In market economies, those silos are also often investment opportunities. Whatever resources the poorest have to make purchases for their needs (income of one variety or another), they do so alongside those who actually need nothing from those silos beside buying cheap and selling dear as they speculate for profit.

The poorest as well as their advocates need to take an active interest in all three silos. A saving in one silo means more money to spend in another. So in Boston, Massachusetts, where the city is intervening to help provide healthy food for low income citizens, it’s not only good food news, it’s good housing news as well. Read more on Boston’s food support program in Patch: City Of Boston To Support And Partner With Small Grocery Stores