Vancouver BC Decline And Fall Of The Million Dollar Social Housing Unit

one million in gold text
1000000 cs photo by Pavouk is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5
It's official. Vancouver Council has abandoned the idea that a $1,000,000 house is affordable.

In business-oriented Vancouver, BC, all roads would seem to lead towards profit. For a city regularly rated #2 in the lists of world’s most expensive cities to live, it hardly comes as a surprise that its attempts to build truly affordable housing are often founded upon a sham.

Absurdly, city regulations allow any kind of housing unit, no matter how luxurious, to be defined as social housing if it belongs to a housing project that includes a handful of actual, truly affordable, social housing units1.

However profitable this may be for the housing development industry, Vancouver’s ‘faux social housing’ days are now apparently numbered. Read more in THE GEORGIA straight: CMHC measure of ‘core need’ to guide City of Vancouver’s new definition of social housing


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