Community Vs Diversity? NYC Affordable Housing Study Reveals No Right Answer

housing units about commercial businesses at street levevl
Hell's Kitchen photo by Maciek Lulko is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0
Hell's Kitchen and other New York City neighbourhoods are no longer in the dark about racial segregation in the City's affordable housing program.

For years, the City of New York fought to keep hide a study that investigated the impact of affordable housing on neighbourhoods. A judge has now ended the secrecy. Did the city’s affordable housing policy increase or decrease neighbourhood segregation over time?

It seems there were two choices NYC could have made when deciding who would be offered affordable housing in a neighbourhood. They could have favoured incomers — new, diverse faces. Or they could have given preference to long-standing residents. Each choice would have had positive outcomes. Each choice would have had negative ones.

To learn more about the report the city kept from its public, the choice that was made, and positive as well as negative impact it had for neighbourhoods and residents, read more at 6sqft: New Report Finds Ties Between City’s Affordable Housing Policy And Segregation


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