Cork, Ireland Activists Skewer Council For Passing Empty-Home Buck

A plaster sided home paint in faded and chipped red beside a road
DERELICT RED HOUSE photo by William Murphy is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
A fine home, now derelict in Cork City, Ireland, July 2016.

A story follows, which is dear to hearts, because we made a wrong call on a similar problem that played out in Oakland, California. That was a year and a half ago when a group of four mothers and their activist supporters occupied an empty house, targeting the land and housing investment company that owned the property.

The wrong target, we thought, but we were proved wrong. Try: Housing Stands Empty? Desperate Homeless May Change That

Now, however, activists in Cork, Ireland are going after “dereliction” — the local term for housing left vacant, whether it be council housing or privately-owned properties.

Which part of a wall of silence and indifference will cave in the face of embarrassment? In California, it was the property owners.

In Cork, the activist’s target is the City Council — more appropriately responsible overall for managing perpetually empty homes in an affordable housing crisis (in our opinion at least). Will they blink in the face of uncomfortable facts? Hard to say — city councils are born with leather eyelids.

Read more in Echo Dereliction awareness group calls for action from Cork City Council

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