Sure, You Could Afford The Rent, Just. Until COVID-19 Ate Your Veggies

Clumps of greens protrude from hydroponic tanks under a sunshade
hydroponic greens photo by luvjnx is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Hydroponic greens on a Florida farm. Most of Florida's produce is distributed across the continent, much of it to restaurant buyers. Or it was distributed, until COVID-19.

Food distribution in North America is a complex, sophisticated business that runs smoothly in all but the worst times.

These ARE the worst times.

What Has Food Distribution Got To Do With Affordable Housing?

Everything, if you can only afford to pay the rent on one hand, or eat on the other. Thanks to COVID-19, prices will be going up.

For insight into how a pandemic emergency can impact on your food bills, and by extension, on your ability to pay the rent, the following article gives some insight into the complexity of the continent’s food distribution channels. And no, the problem is not just because healthy pickers aren’t available.

Read more at WCYB NEWS5: Coronavirus Claims An Unexpected Victim: Florida Vegetables


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