County Level Data Available To Help U.S. Decision Makers

A county map of the United States

Data geeks have something really special to celebrate in the link attached to this post.

Researchers at the Urban Institute in the U.S. have gathered, organized and published a massive amount of data about racial equity, housing precarity and COVID vulnerability.  The first point of contact is an interactive map that provides information at a county level.

It’s also good to see that the researchers are transparent about their data sources and the assumptions they’ve used to compile measures. Data and assumptions have been used to perpetuate discriminatory practices in the past. Anyone considering using the information will be able to undertake their own evaluation of how the data is assembled.

This data, which is gathered at a national level, does not tell the whole story, even when it’s provided at such a micro scale. However, it could be something to help policy makers, program planners and decision makers who are faced with distributing COVID emergency response funding in order to reach the people who need it most.

See more at the Urban Institute: Where to Prioritize Emergency Rental Assistance to Keep Renters in Their Homes

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