Developer Pioneers UK Affordable Housing Shell Game

empty factory building with extensive skylighting
Yes, we could definitely fit self-contained homes in here.

This modular housing1 initiative intrigued and impressed us here at Sure, we knew about modular housing. We had learned that it has been around for as much as three quarters of a century. We’d seen images of self-contained building units assembled, as well as balconies constructed offsite and swung into place on an otherwise traditionally constructed apartment buildings.

But our imagination didn’t stretch quite as far as the way a set of modular units are being utilized in a Bristol, UK project. There, self-contained homes have been designed to be dropped into into the shell of a refurbished two century old building, marrying all-modern interiors to a stately exterior. Brilliant!

Read more in HOUSING TODAY: ‘Industry First’ As Modular Homes Are Lowered Into Existing Building


  1. Houses, or components of houses, that are constructed at an off site factory and transported to their final destination.


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