DEW Line Now Tracking Politician Threats To Unaffordable Housing

line drawing of donkey with blue and orange overpaint
watercolor donkey 2 photo by Georgia Democrats is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Democratic presidential hopefuls pitch their affordable housing proposals.

The DEW Line was a series of radar stations arced across North America to provide Distant Early Warning of a Soviet missile or bomber attack.

Now, the DEW Line is internet based, repurposed to warn Americans how to withstand the endless slow-motion bombardment of explosive facts, ideas, opinions, ranting and ground-scorching lies of an upcoming election.

With less than a year and a half(!) to go, here’s the latest DEW Line report on those Democratic election candidates who are currently riding into Dodge at a snail’s pace, packing silver bullets in their pistols and the urge to slay unaffordable housing dragons in their hearts.

Read more in MarketWatch: Here’s Where The 2020 Presidential Candidates, Including Elizabeth Warren And Kamala Harris, Stand On Affordable Housing


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