For North American High Rise Social Housing Haters: Small Can Be Beautiful

Three grim, older red brick towers of Buffalo, NY public housing
Buffalo, NY photo by JasonParis is licensed under CC BY 2.0
A Buffalo, NY public housing project. No, social housing doesn't have to look like this.

Or, in the case of one particular social housing project in France, small can be pig-ugly, at least in the view of this writer. But fortunately we all agree that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, don’t we?

And fortunately as well, the whole world doesn’t retain the unrelenting ‘crime-stuffed apartment block’ image that helps to limit America’s commitment to what pretty much the rest of the world understands: social housing is society’s most effective way of providing housing for people with very low or no income.

And since “small is beautiful” is another way of looking at things, an alternate vision of social housing is handfuls of homes scattered in different physical forms throughout a community.

Have a look at this “small and different is . . . beautiful(?)” example in Designboom: d’houndt + bajart Extends An ‘Eccentric’ French Villa Into Eight Social Housing Units

Can we all agree at least on ‘eccentric-looking?”


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