“NUMBY” Politicians Too Quick to Hear NIMBY?

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If there’s anything that everyone agrees upon, it’s the inevitability of NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard). When the issue of new housing in a neighbourhood arises, almost nothing satisfies those activists who would mount the battlements and defend the neighbourhood from the horrors of change.

And what is the harshest reality of NIMBY that everybody in the housing business knows to be particularly devastating? A discovery that the proposed incomers — those who will occupy the new housing — will be on the lower end of the income scale. What hellscape awaits?

But what if NIMBY activists manning the battlements have it wrong about neighbourhood attitudes?  Suppose local politicians have it wrong, too — those who, on behalf of the neighbourhood citizenry, fight to preserve what now exists, and which should ever should remain so?

Unlikely? Maybe not so much as one might think. Read more in the Irish Times:  Irish Times poll: Majority would be happy to see new housing nearby

. . . and in New Zealand’s Stuff: Tale of two suburbs in reaction Kāinga Ora’s latest Hamilton housing plan

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