Even Without A Grand Master Rapper, New Orleans Shows Food Deserts Can Be Beaten

A big, practically empty parking lot stretches in front of a suburban supermarket
parking lot @ local supermarket 4 days before Christmas... photo by digitearte is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0
Everything needed for a healthy diet only a few miles and moments away — if you own a car.

A modern view of old fashioned, much neglected, American public housing: push it into the trash.

But there’s a growing recognition that for all the hype for complicated government/free enterprise partnerships, year after year, they fail to deliver housing in the volume needed to deal with a national housing crisis for lowest income citizens.

As a result, temporary solutions abound for stretching the lifespan of existing public housing. Can some of those solutions help ensure that new-built public housing might one day survive again and prosper?

Of the multiple problems infecting existing public housing, New Orleans is tackling one that impacts profoundly on the health of residents — the “food desert” problem. Combine “destination” supermarkets with the decline of local corner food stores, and the resulting situation for public housing tenants without cars is a lack of a fundamental necessity — healthy food.

As a current New Orleans initiative shows, the problem can be solved. One way: placing food stores inside public housing housing itself. Read more in houmatoday:  Master P joins Rouses to celebrate opening of grocery store inside New Orleans public housing complex

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